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OGRIP List Server


OGRIP Listservs

OGRIP uses two primary listservs to facilitate communication amongst the members and the GIS community in Ohio. Other subject area listservs may be created as needed for a specific topic, purpose or issue.


This listserv facilitates communication amongst individuals interested in spatial technology and GIS issues impacting Ohio. This listserv will also be used to announce meeting dates, conferences and educational opportunities.


This listserv is open to anyone wishing to subscribe.


To Subscribe

Send a blank e-mail message, with 'OGRIP' in the subject, to subscribe-ogrip_forum@list.em.ohio.gov
You will receive e-mail containing instructions to confirm your subscription.
Follow the instructions in this message to confirm your new subscription.

To Send E-mail

Compose your e-mail message and send it to ogrip_forum@list.em.ohio.gov
Attachments are limited to 10MB.

To Unsubscribe

Send e-mail to unsubscribe-ogrip_forum@list.em.ohio.gov
Enter 'OGRIP' in the subject line and leave the body of the message blank.
You will receive a confirmation.


OGRIP Council

The closed listserv facilitates communication between OGRIP Council members and designated liaisons. Membership to this listserv is managed by the OGRIP Office.


Subject Area Listservs

Subject area listservs may be created as needed for a specific topic, purpose or issue. Subject area listservs will be semi-closed and available to the volunteers and other interested parties. An example would be a subject area listservs to support the Framework Task Forces. Those interested in participating in a subject-area listserv should contact the OGRIP Office.