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Tower on Wheels

MARCS has three (3) Tower on Wheels (TOWs) that can be requested for incidents within Ohio requiring interoperable communications.  The TOWs are used to supplement coverage and/or to add capacity to an area where an emergency or event is occurring.  The MARCS TOWs are deployed to your request by MARCS staff and are self-sufficient for 48 to 72 hours.

Included in the deployment is at least two members of the MARCS staff, a towing vehicle, 109 gallons of diesel fuel, and related equipment including the TOW itself.  The TOW includes an 80 foot tower, grounding, 20KW three phase diesel generator, electrical cables for direct wiring, cache radios, extra radio batteries, and bank chargers. MARCS also has a towable generator that is normally dispatched as a backup for the generator on the TOW.  Once the TOW arrives on your incident, usually within 30 minutes to one hour the TOW is operational and ready for use.  The TOWs are deployed on a first come first served basis.  The TOWs can be used for large events, exercises, or any emergency situation.  A TOW can be requested by calling the MARCS Helpdesk 24/7 at 866-646-2727.

Demonstrations are also welcomed.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to Dick Miller at dick.miller@das.ohio.gov, Field Operations Manager for MARCS.