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Key Request Process

  1. Contact MARCS Admin at DAS-MARCS.Admin@das.ohio.gov to be vetted for a key.  In the e-mail, state the make and models of the radios, number of keys and type of keys (full or clone) that are being requested.  All requests will be analyzed by MARCS management.
  2. MARCS Admin will notify the requester as to the decision of MARCS management.  
  3. The requester must contact the County’s Point of Contact for MARCS System Keys for authorization to add their keys to the existing key agreement between MARCS and the County.  The key agreement signatory must e-mail DAS-MARCS.Admin@das.ohio.gov with their approval before keys will be programmed
  4. If approved by the County’s key agreement holder, the requester will order the keys for the type of radio through their preferred radio vendor.
  5. Once the requester receives the keys from the manufacturer, the requester will send the keys for programming and a return address to:

    Attn:  System Key Programming
    4200 Surface Road
    Columbus, OH  43228

  6. Once programmed, keys will be returned to the County key agreement holder’s physical address with the requesting agency’s information in an ATTN: line in the address.  MARCS Admin will also e-mail both the requester and the key agreement holder tracking information on the key package.  MARCS will not send keys to a PO Box or personal mailbox.
  7. MARCS will send the County Key Agreement Holder a new Addendum A to the key agreement listing all the MARCS keys in the county with the new keys added. The agreement holder will verify the inventory, sign and date, scan and e-mail Addendum A back to DAS-MARCS.Admin@das.ohio.gov

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