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Colorful MARCS Logo next to a firefighter and police person with a radio

Multi-Agency Radio Communication System

MARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communication System) is dedicated to providing Ohio's first responders and public safety providers with state-of-the-art wireless digital communications, and to promote interoperability, in order to save lives and maximize effectiveness in both normal operations and emergency situations.


MARCS is a 700/800 MHz radio and data network that utilizes state-of-the art trunked technology to provide statewide interoperability in digital clarity to its subscribers throughout Ohio and a 10 mile radius outside of Ohio.  The MARCS system provides statewide, secure, reliable public service wireless communication for public safety and first responders.

The MARCS development contract required 97.5% mobile voice and data in street coverage.  99.71% aggregate voice coverage was realized and 98.13% aggregate data coverage was achieved.  This allows maximum statewide interoperability and enhanced safety and protection for public safety service providers through secure digital transmissions.

The MARCS network operates on three system components:

  • Mobile Voice - operating on the 700/800 MHz digital trunked technology
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) - providing GPS-based vehicle location, resource recommendation and GGM display
  • Mobile Data - CAD updates, Records Management, GPS-Based vehicle location, LEADS inquiries

There are currently over 140,000 voice units and over 1,800 mobile data units on the MARCS system with more than 3,000 public safety/public service agencies statewide.  This includes local, state and federal agencies.


If your organization is not a state agency and wishes to become a MARCS subscriber, a fully executed MARCS Service Subscription Agreement between the subscriber and MARCS must be on file. The MARCS staff will work with the subscriber to get their equipment programmed, activated and deployed in order to reach go-live.


Policies related to the Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) can be found through the Policy Finder.  On the Policy Finder page, type MARCS in the Resources Filter.