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IT Strategic Investment & Architecture

DAS OIT Strategic Investment and Architecture (SIA) is responsible for administering the State of Ohio’s investment planning process, ensuring that agency IT projects are in alignment with the enterprise strategic direction, and helping to identify shared service and economy of scale opportunities. SIA also assists in the formulation of IT strategy and architecture  through the analysis of IT investments and enterprise planning portfolios as well as conducting agency working groups and Innovation Committees. SIA drives technology innovation and IT architecture compliance through the documentation and analysis of the State’s current and future needs, including collaboration with other agency IT architects.

IT Strategic Investment and Architecture (SIA) is responsible for the following activities:

  • Providing oversight, instruction, and guidance to state agencies in the development of their annual Enterprise Planning Portfolios.
  • Supporting the optimization of IT investments and IT assets through agency collaborations, leveraging technology solutions, and identifying opportunities for enhanced business processes and the consolidation of technology solutions.
  • Enabling agency establishment of application lifecycles and projects for budgeting purposes.
  • Facilitating an agency's identification and justification of planned IT initiatives that will support the business needs of the agency.
  • Providing evaluation and analysis support to agencies in the execution of IT purchases facilitated through the State of Ohio eProcurement application.
  • Serving as a gateway for the engagement of business and IT executives in the planning process and promoting the alignment of forecasted biennial IT expenditures to IT budget requests.