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Incident Reporting

State of Ohio agencies and their employees, contractors and other partners should  follow State of Ohio incident reporting procedures for information security and privacy incidents.  

Please be aware under Ohio law we cannot provide assistance if you have a security issue with your personal computers, mobile devices, or online services. We cannot assist with a privacy or security issue you have with a person, company, or entity not related to a State of Ohio agency.  

What to do if you have experienced an information security incident?

Members of the public, businesses, and local government agencies who have experienced an information security or privacy incident such as ransomware, malware, intrusion, cyber-stalking, and identity theft should report the incident to the appropriate authorities listed below. For any accounts that have been compromised, please contact the appropriate business or government agency that the account is with. 

Local Police Department 

For any cybersecurity incident that potentially involved criminal activity, please contact your local police department. 

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant  

Report anything you think may be a fraud, scam, or bad business practice. For ideas of what you might report to the FTC, check out consumer.ftc.gov for more information and advice. Start a fraud report by going to reportfraud.ftc.gov. Start an identity theft report by going to identitytheft.gov

Suspicious Activity Reporting  

Define this type of incident. The Ohio Department of Homeland Security collects suspicious activity reports for potential criminal and terrorist activities. To report a suspicious activity, go to Ohio Homeland Security’s suspicious activity reporting website 

State Government Incidents  

If you need to report a potential information security or privacy event affecting a State of Ohio agency online service, website, or information system, please report the incident by calling: 

Telephone 1-614-644-6860 

Toll Free 1-877-644-6860