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Self-Insured Liability Programs

Liability exposures covered under the state's self-insurance programs are: 

  • Tort Liability

  • Vehicle Liability

  • Motorcycle Ohio Rider Education Program

  • Judges' Professional Liability

Tort Self-Insurance Program

The tort self-insurance program provides coverage for judgments or settlements rendered for non-vehicle liability claims in the jurisdiction of the Ohio Court of Claims. The program provides a policy limit of $2,000,000 per claim. ORM staff will investigate and attempt to compromise non-complex claims and will issue a Right to Sue letter for high value and complex claims, which will be handled in coordination with the Attorney General Court of Claims Defense Section and agency legal counsel. 

Self-Insured Vehicle Liability Program

The self-insured vehicle liability program covers third party bodily injury and property damage claims resulting from the operation of a state-owned vehicle in the course of official state business.  A "vehicle" is defined as a motor vehicle, self-propelling motorized equipment, and watercraft.  Coverage is mandatory.  The limit per occurrence is $2,000,000. All claims are investigated and resolved by ORM staff.  In the event suit is filed, the ORM works with the Ohio Attorney General's office.  All claim expenses, judgments and settlements are paid by the ORM, up to the per occurrence limit.

Motorcycle Ohio Rider Education Self-Insurance Program

Provides excess liability with a limit of $2,000,000 per occurrence for injury or property damage resulting from the use of state-owned motorcycles by student drivers participating in a rider education program sponsored by a public provider.  The public provider's insurance is primary and non-contributory pursuant to the grant contract.  The state self-insurance program applies on a primary basis only when negligence, error or omission by a Department of Public Safety employee is the proximate cause of the loss.  Damage to state-owned motorcycles or other related equipment is also covered, subject to a $500 deductible.

Judges' Self-Insured Professional Liability

Provides coverage for professional liability and employment practices claims properly made and rendered against a judge acting in a personal or individual capacity.  Coverage does not apply to official capacity claims.  The limit for professional liability claims is $250,000 per claim, $500,000 program term aggregate (per individual).  The limit for employment practices claims is $75,000 per claim $75,000 program term aggregate per court for claims arising from the same set of facts.  There is also contingent coverage for disciplinary matters.  The program includes a hotline to allow confidential discussion of any matter of concern with defense counsel prior to a claim being made.