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Crime & Bond

State of Ohio Government Employee Dishonesty Coverage 

Employee Dishonesty (crime insurance ) coverage is the same as a fidelity bond. The policy covers loss of money, securities, and other properties resulting directly from theft committed by an employee, which includes temporaries working as a substitute for a permanent employee on leave, or to meet any seasonal or short-term work load condition. The policy limit is $500,000 per occurrence, and each claim is subject to a $5,000 deductible. Excess employee dishonesty and coverage for additional exposures is available by request from agencies.

The program also includes a scheduled position public official bond for all appointed officials and employees required by law to give bond for faithful performance of duty. The penal sum varies depending on the statutory requirement.

Public Official Bonds for Elected Officials

The DAS Office of Risk Management (ORM) does not procure the bonds for elected officials, unless requested by the official elect or the transition team. However, ORM will answer any general question an official elect might have regarding the bonding process.

Before entering upon the discharge of the duties, the following four (4) elected officials must give bond to the State of Ohio conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties:

Elected Official

ORC Section

Penal Sum

Bond Deposit

Attorney General



Secretary of State

Auditor of State



Secretary of State

Secretary of State



Director of DAS

Treasurer of State



Secretary of State


It is incumbent upon each elected official to procure the bond as required by Ohio law. Failure to give bond has the same effect as refusing to accept the office (see RC § 3.30).

Per RC § 3929.17 the premium for the public official bond shall be paid by the state.

To procure a bond the official elect may contact the state’s insurance broker of record, or his or her own insurance agent/broker. 

State Broker of Record:

Justin Swarbrick
First Vice President
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
1050 Wilshire Drive, Suite 210
Troy, MI 48084