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Dispute Resolution and Training

The Dispute Resolution and Training section coordinates all mediations and arbitrations with agencies as well as the unions, which includes working with the unions to select mediators and arbitrators for state panels.  Additionally, the Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) offers both statewide and agency specific training for exempt personnel. Statewide training is offered through OCB Academy, and includes a certificate program upon completion of all course areas relevant to public sector collective bargaining. 

Types of Training

  1. Individual courses: Many of our individual courses are relevant to both labor relations personnel and supervisors who participate in performance evaluations, investigations and discipline.
  2. Agency-level custom training: Human resources and labor relations personnel may set up training class for a specific group of managers and supervisors that is customized to their specific agency needs. 
  3. OCB Academy: This training is offered as certificate program that will offer comprehensive labor relations training. Thirteen facilitator lead and two e learning classes comprise the Academy curriculum, and provide both contractual and practical information on many of the day-to-day duties of an agency level labor relations officer. Completion of this program is recognized as twelve months experience in the Labor Relations Officer 3 Classification.