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Training Overview

White Belt

White Belt Training

This online training session introduces participants to core Lean Six Sigma concepts. It shifts mindsets from tolerating process problems to addressing those problems and seeking solutions – while pointing the way to improvement opportunities and building interest in furthering people’s Lean learning.

Intended for: State employees
Length: 1.5 hours
Prerequisites: none
Availability: online through Ohio Learn (accessible through myOhio.gov) or our YouTube channel.
Contact: Scot.Burbacher@das.ohio.gov · 1-614-728-8411

Click here to view the job aid for accessing White Belt in Ohio Learn

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt Training

This introductory course is about using Lean thinking to make daily improvements in the workplace. The training provides tools for attaining and sustaining awareness around Lean Daily Management and is taught by agency LeanOhio belt-trained individuals.

Intended for: State employees
Length: 1 day
Prerequisites: none
Contact: Hannah.Thomas@das.ohio.gov · 1-614-728-7028


Camo Belt

LeanOhio Boot Camp

LeanOhio Boot Camp is an intensive four-day long training that gets people learning and using Lean methods and tools. The entire program is tailored to the public-sector workplace and public-sector processes. This is practical training aimed at generating results. Participants will be able to use their new knowledge and skills immediately – to make government simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

Intended for: State and local government
Length: 4 days + Project
Prerequisites: White Belt via Ohio Learn must be completed to enroll
Project Expectations for state employees attending LeanOhio Boot Camp:
   Complete one of the following projects:
      • Process improvement project and submission of A3
      • Serving as a fresh perspective during a Kaizen event and submission of A3
Belt earned: Camo (after completing project)
Contact: Julianne.Finnegan@das.ohio.gov · 1-614-466-6022

LeanOhio Boot Camp Training Materials Folder

Please note: While we are currently scheduling in-class Boot Camp training, we ask participants remain flexible if we need to reschedule to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Green Belt

Green Belt Training

A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is an essential member of every project team. Whether tasked with leading projects or looking to expand your knowledge, the Green Belt training will help you develop skills in process improvement tools, techniques, and applications. The training is available as in-class or online learning and provides content on Six Sigma, with added focus on data and data analysis in order to promote objective problem-solving and decision-making. Upon completion of this program, participants will be proficient in the basic analytical tools necessary to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control Lean Six Sigma improvement projects.

Intended for: State government
Length: 4 days in-class (or at your own pace online) + Project
   • Completion of LeanOhio Boot Camp (4 days + project)
   • Process improvement project and submission of A3 results
Project Expectations for state employees attending Green Belt:
   • Complete in-class or online Green Belt training program
   • Complete a process improvement project using the DMAIC methodology
   • Demonstrate use of Lean tools and collect and use data as part of the project
   • Present project to LeanOhio Network
Belt earned: Green (after completing project)

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Introduction to Managing Change

Change Management (CM) is a structured discipline to address the people side of change. This training is a high-level overview of why and how state employees should integrate CM with continuous improvement methodologies to help sustain the changes we experience in state government.

Intended for: State employees
Length: 1.5 hours
Prerequisites: none
Contact: Julianne.Finnegan@das.ohio.gov · 1-614-466-6022

Managing Change for Supervisors

Often, organizational initiatives are implemented from a top down approach, leaving the bulk of the burden to communicate and effect change with middle managers. This training will review the multifaceted role of a manager in times of change and how to successfully guide your team towards success.

Intended for: State supervisors and managers
Length: 1.5 hours
Prerequisites: none
Availability: information and registration available on Ohio Learn (accessible through myOhio)
Contact: Julianne.Finnegan@das.ohio.gov · 1-614-466-6022