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At LeanOhio we teach tools for practical use in the workplace, but the actual translation of that can be difficult at times. The Lean Lifestyle article series provides additional insight into how the LeanOhio staff is using these tools and skills to improve every day situations.

Created as a way to assist and inform our colleagues at the State of Ohio in the midst of the pandemic, the Lean Lifestyle series is an inside look at how the LeanOhio team operates on a daily basis - whether they’re working in the office or away from it. It features examples of how to adapt the versatile tools of Lean to bring efficiency to your own work-from-home arrangement, as well as tips to help you stay connected, organized and productive. 

If you are struggling with how to implement Lean tools, or want us to discuss a certain tool and how we use it every day, let us know at leanohio@das.ohio.gov. Additionally, if you use a tool in a unique and relatable way, please share it with us! We would love to showcase how others are “making Lean work” at home, work, or anywhere! 

Don't Stop Achieving

Taking what we know from our work life and translate it to personal goal setting and attainment
by Hannah Thomas • February 2021

Chasing a Moving Target

Continuing to delight your customers without taking things too far
by Julie Finnegan and Hannah Thomas • November 2020

Dear Change: It's NOT Me, It's YOU

The challenges of running on the continuous wheel of change
by Hannah Thomas • September 2020

What is Happening

Planning for the unknown
by Julie Finnegan and Hannah Thomas • August 2020

Change for the Better

Embracing the opportunities to change
by Michael Buerger • July 2020

The (not so) Hidden Standard

The connection between daily routine and standard work
by Hannah Thomas • June 2020

Let's Get Virtual

Best practices for virtual trainings and meetings
by Julie Finnegan • May 2020

Kanbans Kan-be Fun

Making work visible to keep yourself and your "co-workers" on task
by Hannah Thomas • April 2020

Click, Learn and Share

A one-stop shop for professional development and Lean learning
by Michael Buerger • April 2020


Blending culture and technology helps LeanOhio keep moving forward
by Scot Burbacher • April 2020

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes: Communication is Key

Change Management principles in the midst of COVID-19
by Julie Finnegan • April 2020

5S to the (Home Office) Rescue

Balancing work and life with the fundamental Lean organization tool
by Hannah Thomas • March 2020