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Lean Liaison Resources

The Role of the Agency Lean Liaisonhttps://das.ohio.gov/static/employee-relations/LeanOhio/Lean_Liaison/Lean Liaison Guide.pdf

Each Cabinet agency has a Lean Liaison. This person fills an essential role that involves sharing information about Lean, promoting its use, coordinating agency Lean activities, serving as a link to the LeanOhio Office, and more. The full role is described below.

Download the LeanOhio Lean Liaison Orientation Packet.

Throughout the Agency

  • Educate colleagues on what Lean is all about and how it’s making state government simpler, faster, better, and less costly.
  • Communicate how Lean and Six Sigma are being used in the agency, including success stories, measurable results and training opportunities.
  • Promote and coordinate Lean training of agency staff (Boot Camp, Green Belt, Black Belt).
  • Publicly recognize those individuals who are using Lean to effect change and achieve results.

With the Agency's Director and Senior Staff

  • Promote a plan for advancing Lean in the agency. Keep it updated to ensure ongoing progress.
  • Keep leadership informed of Lean activities inside the agency, in other agencies and statewide.
  • Promptly fill requests when senior staff ask for Lean-related information.
  • Provide guidance to ensure that projects align with agency goals.
  • Encourage leadership to recognize people who are putting Lean to work.

With Belt-Trained Colleagues

  • Promote training opportunities.
  • Work closely with your agency’s embedded Black Belt(s) to ensure their expertise is fully utilized.
  • Ensure that all Belt-trained staff are identifying, starting, and completing projects.
  • Provide needed support, especially when trained colleagues are working on their first projects.
  • Recognize colleagues as they move from learning Lean to using Lean and achieving results.

With Project Sponsors

  • Team up with the LeanOhio Office to guide the scoping process so that improvement projects are set up for success.

With Teams and Team Leaders

  • Ensure that projects are facilitated by Lean-trained staff. (For instance, every Kaizen event needs at least two experienced Kaizen practitioners.)
  • As projects unfold, answer questions relating to the improvement process – or find people who can.
  • After events, follow up with teams and attend update meetings to ensure implementation and sustained results.

With the LeanOhio Office

  • Serve as the link between the LeanOhio Office and agency leadership.
  • Know what’s available from the LeanOhio Office, and put the resources to work. (Go to lean.ohio.gov for guides, tools, and more.)
  • Contact the LeanOhio Office for help with planning, prioritizing, and implementation.
  • Request help with big Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • Submit key Lean-related agency measures, which are used to calculate statewide results.
  • Following major improvement events and projects, submit key info and before/after data.

With Other Liaisons

  • Reach out to other Liaisons with questions and calls for assistance.
  • Respond to their requests for assistance by providing info, suggestions and help.
  • Attend Liaison meetings, which are an ideal forum for exchanging information.
  • "Trade" Lean practitioners when a neutral facilitator is needed for a project.

Going Beyond Your Agency

  • Stay up to date on Lean activities and results in other agencies.
  • Periodically surf the web to learn about Lean in other public-sector agencies throughout the country.
  • Also online, get ideas and best practices from companies, associations, experts and elsewhere.