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Workers' Compensation

woman on phone with arm in cast

Workers' compensation benefits are limited to wage loss, medical and rehabilitation expenses and are payable as long as the disability lasts or medical treatment is reasonably necessary. 

When an Injury Occurs

Follow your agency's policy on reporting incidents and injuries. Not adhering to agency reporting guidelines or policy may result in denial of employer provided benefits.

Obtain medical care promptly if emergency treatment is required, go immediately to the nearest emergency facility. Otherwise, your managed care organization (MCO) can provide you with names of WILMAPC approved providers in your area who can assist you or visit the WILMAPC web page

Complete an Accident or Illness Report (ADM 4303).

Workers' Compensation Partners

Workers’ compensation provisions can be found in the Ohio Constitution Article II, Section 35; Ohio Revised Code Chapters 4121 and 4123; and Ohio Administrative Code Chapters 4121, 4123 and 4125