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Nutrition Guide

The Nutrition Guide offers tips, tools and resources on eating habits and recipes from Zipongo.

Eating healthy is simpler than ever

Got a sweet tooth? Or do you eat whatever’s easy? Tell us about your eating habits and you’ll receive tools, personalized tips, and great recipes from Zipongo — just for you. It’s everything you need to stay on track with your nutrition goals.

Ready to get started?

Go to the Take Charge | Live Well home page and click The Hub tile to get started. Once you’ve signed in, click Programs from the main menu. Then choose the Nutrition Guide.

Enjoy the benefits of the Nutrition Guide

Set a goal: Tell us about your eating style and we’ll help you fine tune your nutrition and chart your progress. Do you have a sweet tooth? You’ll get personalized tips and recommended Healthy Habits to help you manage your sugar intake.

Track your calories: Your well-being program connects with MyFitnessPal, so you can track your calories each day. When you track what you eat, you’re more likely to make healthier choices.

Try Healthy Recipes: Browse healthy, delicious recipes from Zipongo that you and your whole family will enjoy. Then create a meal plan and organize your grocery list.

What to expect

Get all your nutrition needs in one place — anytime, anywhere. An account with Zipongo will automatically be created for you when you access it through the Nutrition Guide.