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Billing and Cash Management

Billing is responsible for the issuance of invoices for all DAS services from source systems and from OAKS. Responsibility includes coordinating with customers and confirmation of successful invoice posting in OAKS.

Cash Management oversees all collection activity and cash monitoring for DAS. Ohio Benefits invoice and AP management, DAS Huntington lockbox monitoring, CBOSS reconciliation, and other non-billed revenue are also handled by the Cash Management group.


To better understand the invoices and charges received from DAS, the table below includes a variety of resources to provide explanation and clarity. This includes the rated services for the Office of Information Technology and the General Services Division. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to the Customer Service Center by either emailing csc@ohio.gov or calling (614) 644-6860/(877) 644-6860. The CSC will then route your questions/concerns to the Billing & Cash Management Unit. 


The table below includes an ongoing record of communications released by the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer regarding the DAS rated services in addition to any miscellaneous communications to keep customers apprised of historical and current rate information. 

Ohio Benefits Status Report Templates

The following templates are to be utilized by county employees to report work performed on the Ohio Benefits project:

Additional Resources

  • CPS (Central Payment System): This system allows Non-State Agency customers to make payments by credit card. Questions regarding invoice payments and the use of this system should be directed to the csc@ohio.gov.
  • DAS Customer Dashboards: A Tableau hosted reporting solution for the Costing and Billing System (CABS) which reports on the actual consumption units and related charges for the consumption of DAS services. Data is current up through the previous day.
  • The DAS  General Services Division provides services including procurement, fleet management, insurance, printing & mail services, real estate management, asset management, facilities services, in addition to security and surplus property services. For additional information, links to the related sites are also detailed for quick reference.
  • Fleet Management 
  • Commercial Leasing 
  • Real Estate & Planning
  • State Printing & Mail
  • The DAS Office of Information Technology provides statewide IT and telecommunications services, lifecycle investment planning, and privacy and security management to state government agencies in addition to boards and commissions.