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State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign Your Campaign. Your Choice.

Take Time to Give from Aug. 26 to Oct. 30

The Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC) is an annual initiative that encourages State of Ohio employees to donate to one or more of nearly 1,100 charitable organizations at the local, regional, and international levels. This year's campaign runs from Wednesday, Aug. 26 to Friday, Oct. 30. The campaign goal is $2.1 million. In 2019, state employee generosity yielded $2,716,824 benefiting 1,126 charities. 

The easiest way to give is to:

  • Log in to
  • Click on the myCCC image on the right side of the screen below the news carousel
  • Follow the prompts
  • Access detailed instructions by clicking on the Employee Resources tab below and select “How do I give?”

What You Need To Know


The Combined Charitable Campaign, also referred to as the CCC, consolidates many charitable campaigns into one, asking State of Ohio employees to voluntarily donate through payroll deductions or a one-time gift.

Contact the Campaign Coordinating Organization at or by phone at 614-227-8718.    

Meet Members of the State Steering Committee

The State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign steering committee is comprised of more than a dozen state employees, representing both labor and management. As defined by the Ohio Administrative Code, the committee is responsible for the annual review and approval of applications from charitable organizations for participation in the campaign; review and approval of annual campaign materials; oversight and approval of the campaign budget; and the establishment of policies and procedures for participation in and conduct of the annual campaign, including guidelines on appropriate solicitations. 

The campaign goal for the 2020 campaign is $2,153,000. million. Last year, 1,126 charities representing health and human services organizations with causes that include animals in need, the elderly, homeless, health issues, disaster relief, and the environment benefited from the generosity of state employees raising $2,716,824 million. For information about adding a charitable organization to the annual campaign, click on the tab "Charities Interested in Joining the CCC."

2020 CCC Statewide Co-Chairs
Matthew M. Damschroder, Ohio Department of Administrative Services

2020 CCC State Steering Committee Co-Chairs
Jackie Murray, Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Management Co-chair 
Rocky Jolly, OCSEA/AFSCME and Ohio School for the Blind, Labor Co-chair 

2020 CCC State Steering Committee Members

Kris Blateri, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Nick Ciofani, Ohio Lottery Commission
Molly Flanagan, Ohio Department of Commerce 
Carla Hall, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services
Tammy Havener, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities 
Maria Johnson, Ohio Department of Transportation
Lauren Medina, Ohio Lottery Commission
Novica Olinger, Ohio Department of Public Safety
Gregory Pawlack, Ohio Department of Administrative Services, State Campaign Liaison 
Annie Pleasant-Combs, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services
Susan Russell, Ohio Department of Administrative Services
Leslie Tilton, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction
Nicolle Wampler, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

Campaign Coordinating Organization
Deana Gordon, Director 
Jeanene Tooill, Campaign Coordinator

Employee Resources

Blank Pledge Form

Blank Pledge Form (fillable)

Blank Pledge Form (Fillable)

Charity Index - Alphabetical

Charity Index - Numerical

Charity Resource Guide

Charity Videos/Information

Watch short pre-recorded video presentations to help you learn more about the work of the CCC member charities. 

Affordable Housing Member Charities from Community Shares of Mid Ohio (23 minutes)

Animal Rights and Welfare, Environmental Protection, and Preservation Member Highlights for Community Shares of Mid Ohio (40 minutes)

Community Health Charities Lunch and Learn (To view a list of member charities, see Page 58 in the CCC Resource Guide.)

Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati (11 minutes)

Clean Fuels Ohio (charity code #21015)
Electric Vehicle Adoption and How it Impacts the Environment, Equity, and Economics

Dawes Arboretum (charity code #21096)
Conserving our Roots

Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition, and Healthy Lifestyles Choices for Community Shares of Mid Ohio (30 minutes)

Green Energy Ohio (charity code #21035)
The Future of Climate Change in Ohio

Lake Erie Waterkeeper (charity code #21069)
The Battle to Reduce the Algae in Lake Erie

Neighbor to Nation Virtual Charity Fair (To view a list of member charities, see Page 81 in the CCC Resource Guide.)

Ohio River Foundation (charity code #21051)
What's in our water? -- Learning about Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances

Ohio Wildlife Center (charity code #21053)
Wildlife Meet-and-Greet

Social Justice, Promoting Individual Potential, and Civic Involvement Member Charities for Community Shares of Mid Ohio (1 hour)

The Nature Conservancy in Ohio (charity code #21044)
Hidden Gen in Ohio: The Largest Privately-Owned Nature Preserve in the Midwest

United Negro College Fund (2 minutes 25 seconds) 

CCC Honorary Chair

The 2020 CCC Honorary Chair is YOU!
Each year, the Combined Charitable Campaign picks an honorary chair to carry the flag and inspire us to change the world through our contributions. During these unprecedented times, State employees like you have adapted to new working conditions, whether that is facing new challenges in your workplace or the challenges of working from home. You have shown that you have the power to change the world. You have made sacrifices, and you have helped save lives. That’s why this year, employees like you are a State of Ohio CCC Honorary Chair.

CCC Virtual Kickoff Video

CCC Virtual Kickoff Video

The CCC Virtual Kickoff Video features Governor Mike DeWine, Labor Co-Chair Rocky Jolly of the OCSEA and the Ohio School for the Blind, and State of Ohio employees.


ePledge Instructions - How do I give?

Frequently Asked Questions

Retiree Brochure

Who is my Agency Campaign Coordinator?

Charities Interested in Joining the CCC

Thank you for your interest in the State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC). The campaign coordinating organization welcomes the opportunity to expand its charity listing with new charitable organizations and looks forward to working with returning charities.  
A few of the basic requirements for participation in the CCC include:  
* Organization must be a member of one of the federations that participate in the campaign, 
* Organization must be a 501(c)3 charity, and 
* Charity must be registered with the Ohio Attorney General's Office. 
If your charity is already a member of one of the participating federations and meets the qualifications above, please communicate with your federation representative about the application process, who will help you prepare and submit the required paperwork.  
If you are not currently a member of one of the participating federations, you can find a list of the participating federations here. You will need to work with one of these federations to become a member and be eligible to participate in the campaign.  Each federation has their own membership criteria and deadlines for accepting new members. It may be too late for the 2020 campaign, but it is not too late to begin the process for becoming eligible for the 2021 campaign. The 2021 CCC application process will take place from Nov. 2 – Dec. 17, 2020. 
The 2020 Application period is now closed. 



25-Word Description Instructions 
Application Checklist 

Application Spreadsheet
Common Application - writeable
Common Application Requirements

IRS 990
IRS 990 - writeable 
Policies and Procedures

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Campaign Coordinating Organization at: or 614-227-8718.

Thank you.

CCC Important Dates

Aug. 26 - Oct. 30