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Statewide Enterprise Buys

Enterprise contracts negotiated by the state for the following products and services are expected to save the agencies a substantial amount of money when procuring from the vendors listed below.

For more information on statewide enterprise buys, please contact DAS.State.IT.Standards.Manager@das.ohio.gov. 

Product Purchases

The state of Ohio has negotiated pricing from Dell, HP and Lenovo for product offerings that support the state standards for PCs. The resources listed below will help you identify products for purchase and determine an appropriate procurement vehicle and resellers that can assist you with your purchases.  


The statewide enterprise buys are required for all state agencies and available to all local government entities registered through the co-op program. Additional information can be found at http://procure.ohio.gov and http://das.ohio.gov/CooperativePurchasing.

Enterprise eSignature Service

OneSpan Sign is Ohio’s enterprise solution for eSignatures. The product is a FedRAMP SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which offers a standardized approach to cloud security (https://www.fedramp.gov/faqs/).

For state entities that are interested in implementing eSignature into their business processes, there are two types of costs associated with the service. They are as follows:

  1. Per Transaction Fee: The service is priced at $1.06 per transaction. One transaction can include multiple documents, multiple signatures, and multiple people in a workflow. There are no additional costs to use add-on features such as multifactor authentication.

  2. Interval Deliverable Agreement (IDA) Cost:  This represents the costs associated with engaging OneSpan Sign professional services to integrate the eSignature solution with agency applications (e.g., API development). However, please note that integrations can also be built using internal agency resources or staff augmentation, without engaging OneSpan Sign professional services.

The document links below provide additional information about the eSignature contract, service and purchase process: 

eSignature Quick Start Guide

OneSpan Sign User Guides & Tutorials

OneSpan Account Setup and Initial Access Instructions

Enterprise eSignature Service Contract and Contract Renewal

Enterprise eSignature Service Purchase Process

Visit OneSpan Sign for more information on product features. If you have any questions or if you need any additional information, contact DAS.State.IT.Standards.Manager@das.ohio.gov.

Maintenance Purchases

The State has negotiated pricing with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) company for maintenance. The maintenance agreement with HPE provides significant volume discounts by aggregating all State agency purchases. HPE contract highlights are provided below.

HPE Enterprise Maintenance Contract. The basic master maintenance agreement (MMA) between Ohio and HPE Compary, MMA #7145, affords a discount of 17 percent, along with a pre-payment discount of four percent. Under the Enterprise Maintenance Contract, HPE looks at all of Ohio's agencies as one "site" and offers additional discounts of up to 18 percent. These discounts are based on a sliding scale and provide a potential total discount on HPE maintenance of up to 39 percent to all state of Ohio agencies. Discounts are reviewed annually.

At this time, HPE discounts are only available to State of Ohio agencies.

As an agency's existing maintenance plan expires, the agency can be rolled onto the MMA. To participate in this initiative, send a list of the items to be quoted for maintenance to the HPE contact below and copy DAS.State.IT.Standards.Manager@das.ohio.gov. Be sure to note that the amount should be quoted under MMA #7145.

HPE Enterprise Contact
Erin Tank
Contracts Program Manager
512.319.2976 Phone
866.220.7319 Fax

Statewide Next Generation Telephony System (NGTS)

Please click here for information on the new Next Generation Telephony System.