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Since launching the IT Optimization program in fiscal year 2012, DAS OIT and agencies have successfully centralized IT infrastructure and established a common direction for our IT community. Through IT Optimization efforts, we have documented savings of over $162 million dollars. As a result, DAS OIT and agencies refocused IT spending on things that make Ohio a better place to live and do business. The state spend has “flipped” from spending less than 19 cents of every IT dollar on public facing services and systems to more than 59 cents of every IT dollar spent. This is a result of migrating 90% of our infrastructure to the cloud and increasing adoption of shared services, such as enterprise VoIP (50,000+ profiles), email, mainframe services, and the engagement of local government and higher education in co-location services in the state’s data center. We continue to achieve great things together – because it takes all of us, working together and in concert, to continue to make the difference that we are making for Ohio and our citizens.

We have come a long way… but there is more to do! As infrastructure consolidation will successfully complete in early FY19, IT Optimization is evolving to ensure continuous improvement in enterprise application service offerings, legacy systems modernization, and next-generation business models.

Ohio is positioning as a national leader for a digital future that includes intelligent automation, autonomous and connected vehicles, machine learning and robotic process automation, digital citizen engagement and paperless processes. The central organization is structured to reduce complexity and bureaucracy, increase the use of shared IT applications and services, and support advanced BI and data analytics, while strengthening IT strategic planning, and governance functions. 

The progress we have made over the last seven+ years is tremendous and could not have been achieved without your hard work and support. We need to build on this momentum to continue to increase efficiencies, improve service, reduce complexity, and realize savings.

Ohio’s IT Optimization has laid a foundation for success. DAS OIT and agencies will continue their work on the following three priorities:

  • Creating high-quality citizen and business experiences with State programs
  • Supporting State employees with common and efficient enterprise solutions
  • Providing secure and reliable information technology solutions

Additional details regarding Ohio’s three year IT strategy are outlined within the “Ohio IT Strategy: January 2016” document, which is available on this IT Optimization Website (Resources Tab/Strategic Resources).

Analytics Forum Recap: Applied Analytics in Action - 11.8.2019

On November 4th, the InnovateOhio Platform team hosted an Analytics Forum that showcased how agencies are utilizing the platform to glean actionable insights from their data. The forum was led by government leaders, including Andy Wilson, Senior Advisor for Criminal Justice Policy, Office of the Governor, Julie Walburn, Assistant Director of the Department of Youth Services (DYS), Will McHugh, Assistant Director of the Department of Health (ODH). Andy presented on how data is being utilized at both a county and state-level to improve criminal justice system outcomes as well as the challenges and opportunities for data use. Julie shared how DYS is now able to learn more about their at-risk youth through Tableau dashboards. Will shared how the platform is enabling ODH to apply advanced analytics for contemporary health-related problem solving by creating a first of its kind data portal powered by the InnovateOhio Platform that will launch in 2020. The overarching message from the three presenters was “don’t wait, the data will never be perfect, but you need to start somewhere.”

Over 100 agency staff attended the session, and learned more about the work Andy, Julie, and Will are doing between their agencies and the InnovateOhio Platform. 

Analytics Forums are part of a recurring educational series focusing on the InnovateOhio Platform’s analytics capabilities with topics varying session to session based on agency attendee feedback. The goal of these sessions is to foster a general awareness of data and analytics and its potential to transform the way state agencies tackle problems, as well as to inspire agencies to collaborate with each other to become customer-centric and data-driven. 

Analytics Forums are open to State of Ohio employees, and the content presented is appropriate for program leaders, IT Leaders, analysts, and technologists alike. 

The InnovateOhio Platform, established by Executive Order 2019-15D, is a key component of the InnovateOhio vision, helping state agencies improve service delivery by becoming more customer-centric and data-driven. More information about the InnovateOhio Platform is available on the InnovateOhio website. For general inquiries, please contact the InnovateOhio Platform team.

State of Ohio Users Group Conference – Today’s Technology  - 11.1.2019

DAS OIT’s Customer Service Center will host a State of Ohio Users Group Conference on Thursday, November 14th from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the State of Ohio Library, 274 E. First Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201. This conference will offer the opportunity to network and collaborate with other state agencies, boards and commissions.

Presentation topics include:

  • Co-Location: Advantages of Teams Working Side-By-Side 
    • Presenter: Beverlyn Johns, Business Transformation, Program Manager
  • ServiceNow: ServiceNow Enterprise Platform Overview
    • Presenter: ESM Management Team 
  • Security: Keeping Our Information Safe  
    • Presenter: Garrett Staats, Enterprise Security Manager, Office of Information Security and Privacy (OISP)
  • Cloud Center of Excellence
    • Presenter: Jeff Swan & Tracy Romig, Cloud Brokerage

Please note that this event is open to public sector employees only. Also, a valid work ID is required for entry. To reserve a seat, email:

Ohio Attends NASCIO’s Annual Conference - 10.25.2019

The 2019 NASCIO (National Association of State Chief Information Officers) Annual Conference was recently held in Nashville, Tennessee on October 13th through 16th. State CIO Ervan D. Rodgers II attended and discussed the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data in Ohio. As part of a discussion with StateTech Magazine, State CIO Rodgers shared how AI and data analysis can help our state solve critical problems, “Ohio has been hit really heavily from an opiate abuse standpoint. I think the technology will be able to help us take a look at trends and redirect needed resources, whether it be recovery or law enforcement. I think if we use the technology appropriately, with a combination of the human touch, we are going to be setup for success.”

State of Ohio Computer Center Front Entrance Closing - 10.18.2019

Beginning Thursday, October 24, the State of Ohio Computer Center’s (SOCC) front entrance will be closed to all traffic for approximately six weeks. 

During this time, all employees, contractors, and visitors will be required to enter and exit through the service drive entrance from Lane Avenue. The service entrance is located off Lane Avenue just east of Tai’s Asian Bistro. Because motorists driving westbound on Lane Avenue cannot make a left turn directly into the service road, an alternate route would be to turn from North Star Road east onto Lane Avenue.  

This temporary entrance closure is needed to perform some of the security upgrades to the front entrance.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Another Successful Conference - Raising GIS to a New Level in Ohio - 10.11.2019

The DAS Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) Office partnered with the County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) and the Ohio Chapter of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) to bring Ohio and surrounding areas one of the biggest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Conferences in the country. The 29th annual GIS Conference, which began September 23, 2019 and ran for three consecutive days, was hosted at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. The event was kicked off by Keynote Speaker, Ismael Chivite, Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri). In front of over 400 attendees, Mr. Chivite shared his passion regarding the importance of building ArcGIS products that help organizations use geography to improve the way they work.

Boasting a room full of vendors, hallways of eight different workshops and over 44 presentations to choose from, conference goers had a busy three days. Some of the must-see workshops to attend on the first day included, “Using GIS as a Stepping Stone,” by Mark Yandrick, City of Centerville. He discussed how the GIS Industry is rapidly growing and so are the professionals. Other presenters included Robbyn Abbitt, OGRIP Council Member from Miami University, who focused on mobile data collection using Esri’s Collector App and the web-based Survey 123 Platform. Christopher Goessi from Union Township Fire Department/City of Kettering shared important information about GIS data and analysis for fire departments.

OGRIP’s very own Jennifer McFarland and Linda Slattery, Ohio EPA, curated a journey on what happens when you install Portal for ArcGIS and what you need to know.

Events offered on the second day came from county and city GIS professionals: John Puente from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) shared information about what happens after implementing an enterprise Asset Collection process and Katherine Robertson, from the same agency, talked about Cartographic Masking with ArcGIS Pro.

Stark County’s GIS Department brought us Joe Guzi, who spoke about “GIS Outside of the Workplace.” Mike Edwards, City of Columbus, and Charlie Hickman, US Geological Survey, wrapped up day two by sharing the importance of LiDar at all levels of government.

A number of individuals, cities and counties were recognized for their outstanding participation in the Map Gallery Competition. A few of the winners were from ODOT’s GIS team, the Office of Technical Services, which took first place in Cartographer with the ODOT Official Transportation Map. Greene County GIS and the City of Oberlin walked away with awards in the “2019 OGRIP Best Practices” category. 

Closing out the 29th annual GIS conference was Keynote Speaker Adam Carnow from Esri. His riveting presentation reminded the attending GIS professionals just how GIS is underutilized and how one might be able to remedy it.

The OGRIP Office appreciates the work that CEAO and URISA does to contribute to this event every year and gives thanks to the many presenters and attendees for



Technology Board

A newly created Technology Board will help to enhance enterprise IT alignment and ensure agency interests are represented within the IT governance process and duplicative activities are minimized. The board aligns agencies according to common purpose within five Lines of Business (LoB). Agency CIOs will be aligned by LoB to facilitate the discussion of opportunities, issues, and concerns within their partner agencies. We have selected five Line of Business Leads (LoB Leads) to drive long-term acceptance and sustainability of IT solutions that support the State’s objectives for IT Optimization. The LoB, their associated LoB Leads, and partner agencies are organized as follows:


Line of
Health and Human Services
Nate Huskey
Department of Health
Developmental Disabilities
Job & Family Services
Mental Health & Addiction Services
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Veterans Services
Business and Industry
Scott Brock
Development Services Agency
Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
Development Services Agency
Industrial Commission
Public Utilities Commission
Secretary of State*
Administration and Finance
Michael Carmack
Department of Education
Administrative Services
Budget and Management
Higher Education
House of Representatives*
Legislative Information Systems*
Treasurer of State*
Public Safety & Criminal Justice
Vinko Kucinic
Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Adjutant General
Attorney General*
Public Defender*
Public Safety
Rehabilitation & Correction
Supreme Court*
Inspector General
Youth Services
Infrastructure and Environment
Rick Magni Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection
Facilities Construction Commission
Natural Resources
Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission*
* Voluntary participation


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