IT Strategy and Investment Management

Government agencies in Ohio have engaged in formalized IT investment planning for more than two decades. The IT Strategy and Investment Management program administers Ohio’s IT strategic investment planning program. In addition, as outlined in Ohio Administrative Policy IT-02, “Information Technology Planning," this program requires state agencies to establish and maintain a biennial IT investment plan.

The IT Strategy and Investment Management program is an integrated planning environment that:

  • Provides oversight, instruction and guidance to state agencies in the development of their biennial IT plans and annual Enterprise Planning Portfolios.
  • Supports the optimization of IT investments and IT assets through agency collaborations, leveraging technology solutions and identifying opportunities for enhanced business processes and the consolidation of technology solutions.
  • Allows an agency to establish application lifecycles and projects for budgeting purposes.
  • Facilitates an agency's identification and justification of planned IT initiatives that will support the business needs of the agency.
  • Provides evaluation and analysis support to agencies in the execution of IT procurements facilitated through the state of Ohio Release and Permit application.

The statewide IT Strategy and Investment Management program area serves as a gateway for the involvement and collaboration of both business executives and IT executives in the planning process and promotes the alignment of planned biennial IT expenditures to IT budget requests.    

The objective of the Strategy and Investment Planning Process is to manage state IT investments and ensure alignment with enterprise strategic direction. The intended process outcomes include: identifying shared service opportunities, increasing collaboration opportunities and coordinating buying power to leverage economies of scale.  
IT Strategy and Investment Management Information Center 

Below are links to IT Strategy and Investment Management resources and tools. These links provide agencies with strategic resource information, IT planning and portfolio development procedures, SIM processes, management reports, and Ohio governing policies.

The information provided by agencies to the IT Strategy and Investment Management team assists the state in managing technology investments and ensuring strategic alignment with enterprise direction.

Enterprise Planning Portfolio (EPP) Resources and Tools:

  • Enterprise Planning Portfolio (EPP) Prioritization Ratings Training Session (video)

  • EITC LOB Assignments (.pdf)

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Strategy and Investment Management team at or 1-614-644-6264.