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IT Innovation


While IT Optimization provided the standardization necessary to drive economies of scale through infrastructure consolidation (server, storage, mainframe, and network), the State of Ohio is now focused on the next step – IT innovation.

With the signing of Executive Order 2019-15D, Governor Mike DeWine established the statewide focus on IT innovation. The goal is to make State government a more effective and efficient leader in using technology to improve customer service and save tax dollars. The governor, lieutenant governor, and state chief information officer (CIO) are working together to make IT innovation a top priority. They are committed to improving the lives of citizens and state service delivery through innovative technologies.  

While great progress has been made since the signing of the executive order, there is more to be done. The IT Innovation Technology Strategic Plan for 2020-2022 continues to build on the successes of the past, supporting the vision of the DeWine-Husted Administration. IT Innovation will streamline and modernize State IT through a focus on digital experience, data analytics, enterprise shared services, on premise or in public clouds, and collaboration.

The strategy focuses on one team, with one goal - to leverage technology to better serve the people of Ohio.

Coming July 27: Redesigned myOhio App Store & New Features for Citizen OH|ID Portal - 7.10.2020

The InnovateOhio Platform is set to release new features for myOhio and OH|ID users to improve your experience and give you increased control over your privacy and security. Updates include a modernized App Store, a new User Dashboard, and access to device and login history.

Of all the changes, the most noticeable is our modernized App Store. Still accessible from within myOhio, the App Store will now launch in a new browser tab. The updated look and feel is similar to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and includes some extra functionality.

•    Add the applications you use most to your Favorites with just one click.
•    Search for and request access to applications with ease using enhanced search & filter tools

Across the top of the screen, you will see new tab-based navigation. These and other new myOhio and OH|ID features will be available July 27.

•    DashboardYour account headquarters. Easily access Account Settings and see your favorite apps.
•    Sites & Applications Home of the new App Store! From here, you can access all your existing apps and tools. 
•    Recent ActivityReview the time & location of recent login attempts. Quickly report suspicious activity.
•    DevicesRename or hide the devices used to access your account, i.e. smartphone, laptop, work computer.

Want to learn more? Watch the short video tour of the new and improved OH|ID. Job aids are also available on the InnovateOhio Platform of myOhio (under “OH|ID Release 2020” in the middle column).

Ohio Discusses COVID-19 IT Response with StateScoop  - 6.5.2020

State CIO Ervan Rodgers and Deputy State CIO Katrina Flory were recently featured in a StateScoop article entitled, “As economies reopen, demands on state IT begin to flatten.”

The article addresses the demand for IT services as part of the COVID-19 response (e.g., reporting virus statistics online, providing information on critical resources and services, supporting virtual private network access, offering training and guidance for virtual meeting solutions, securing hardware for telework, enhancing unemployment solutions, and defending against cyberattacks and phishing attempts). 

State CIO Rodgers expressed how impressed he is by the collaborative efforts between agencies and state officials to deploy solutions as new needs arise. 

State CIO Rodgers and Deputy State CIO Flory both discussed with StateScoop how now that the demand for IT support is decreasing, there is time to discuss the new normal for IT operations in state government. They are currently working with other states to plan for an eventual return to the office and to identify the solutions that need to be in place to support that initiative.

To learn more about their discussion, visit StateScoop.

Ohio’s COVID-19 Response Featured in NASCIO Podcast - 5.5.2020

Recognizing Ohio’s effective response to the COVID-19 crisis, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) recently featured State CIO Ervan D. Rodgers II.

Hear State CIO Rodgers share details about Ohio's proactive response to the virus, approach to remote work, and more on the NASCIO Voices podcast.

Ohio Business Gateway Improvements - 4.6.2020

Ohio Department of Administrative Services Director Matt Damschroder recently announced that the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) displayed significant improvements in performance throughout 2019, and especially during January’s business-tax filing season. 

The Ohio Business Gateway is a one-stop website for Ohio businesses to interact with state government, where users register, file, and pay various types of taxes and conduct other transactions.

The improvements are a direct result of DAS optimizing hardware, making code improvements, and conducting performance testing. The agency is also emphasizing identifying and addressing issues earlier.

“Last year’s efforts to stabilize the system have paid off, resulting in a smooth filing process for businesses and timely data transfers to local government partners,” said Damschroder. “The stabilization of the Gateway, coupled with additional enhancements, is making doing business in Ohio easier than ever.” 

In January, more than 960,000 transactions, totaling $1.9 billion, were processed through the Gateway. Throughout the last year, there was a four percent increase in filings and a 10 percent increase in dollars collected. OBG system improvements include:

  • The average time to transmit data files to state and local partners decreased by an average of four hours.
  • The busiest filing days decreased transmittal wait times of more than 24 hours in January 2019 to 7.5 hours in January 2020.
  • Calls to the help desk decreased by 74 percent.
  • Online help cases are down 38 percent.

Ohio Tax Commissioner Jeff McClain, whose department is the biggest user of the OBG, praised the focus on customer experience. “For both the Department of Taxation and all of our business customers, the Gateway is a critical channel for conducting core business functions,” he said. “The system is proving it’s stable and reliable, and we’re excited about the enhancements, including the new online submission of W-2s.

Another enhancement to the OBG includes the ability for users to now securely save multiple payment options. This is particularly helpful for businesses that conduct transactions on behalf of multiple clients. In addition, an auto-fill payment option speeds the transaction and reduces the likelihood of errors from manual entry.

The improvements to the OBG were also featured in a StateScoop article entitled, “Ohio says collaboration fixed its business portal.”

Publication of Statewide Policy Revision  - 3.6.2020

A revision to Ohio Administrative Policy IT-08, “Executive Branch Cabinet Agency Website Standardization,” was published in January of 2020 that requires executive branch cabinet agencies to align with the website design and content management standards defined by the InnovateOhio Platform team when developing and maintaining public-facing Web pages on state-controlled websites. The policy revision also identifies InnovateOhio Platform format and tool requirements. Executive branch cabinet agencies must use the InnovateOhio Platform’s User Experience Digital Toolkit to design public facing Web pages. 

Please note that the navigation requirements (section 2.5) were also recently updated in Ohio Administrative Policy IT-08 to reflect the current InnovateOhio Platform practice. Therefore, the effective date of the policy was changed to March 6, 2020.

Please take a moment to review the updated policy. If you have any questions on the policy, contact State IT Policy Manager by email at or by phone at 1-614-466-6930. If you have implementation questions for the InnovateOhio Platform team, you can reach them at



Technology Board

A newly created Technology Board will help to enhance enterprise IT alignment and ensure agency interests are represented within the IT governance process and duplicative activities are minimized. The board aligns agencies according to common purpose within five Lines of Business (LoB). Agency CIOs will be aligned by LoB to facilitate the discussion of opportunities, issues, and concerns within their partner agencies. We have selected five Line of Business Leads (LoB Leads) to drive long-term acceptance and sustainability of IT solutions that support the State’s objectives for IT Optimization. The LoB, their associated LoB Leads, and partner agencies are organized as follows:


Line of
Health and Human Services
Nate Huskey
Department of Health
Developmental Disabilities
Job & Family Services
Mental Health & Addiction Services
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
Veterans Services
Business and Industry
Scott Brock
Development Services Agency
Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
Development Services Agency
Industrial Commission
Public Utilities Commission
Secretary of State*
Administration and Finance
Michael Carmack
Department of Education
Administrative Services
Budget and Management
Higher Education
House of Representatives*
Legislative Information Systems*
Treasurer of State*
Public Safety & Criminal Justice
Adjutant General
Attorney General*
Public Defender*
Public Safety
Rehabilitation & Correction
Supreme Court*
Inspector General
Youth Services
Infrastructure and Environment
Rick Magni Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection
Facilities Construction Commission
Natural Resources
Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission*
* Voluntary participation


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