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While IT Optimization provided the standardization necessary to drive economies of scale through infrastructure consolidation (server, storage, mainframe, and network), the State of Ohio is now focused on the next step – IT innovation.

With the signing of Executive Order 2019-15D, Governor Mike DeWine established the statewide focus on IT innovation. The goal is to make State government a more effective and efficient leader in using technology to improve customer service and save tax dollars. The governor, lieutenant governor, and state chief information officer (CIO) are working together to make IT innovation a top priority. They are committed to improving the lives of citizens and state service delivery through innovative technologies.  

While great progress has been made since the signing of the executive order, there is more to be done. The IT Innovation Technology Strategic Plan for 2020-2022 continues to build on the successes of the past, supporting the vision of the DeWine-Husted Administration. IT Innovation will streamline and modernize State IT through a focus on digital experience, data analytics, enterprise shared services, on premise or in public clouds, and collaboration.

The strategy focuses on one team, with one goal - to leverage technology to better serve the people of Ohio.

ODNR Launches Fish Stocking Dataset - 7.6.2021

On June 16, 2021, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) was the most recent agency to join the DataOhio Portal (DOP) with the addition of a new fish stocking dataset and visualization. 

About the DataOhio Portal

The DataOhio Portal is a public-facing portal that provides 220+ datasets and 100+ interactive visualizations to inform data-driven decision making for state agencies and their partners. The DOP is a first of its kind state technology, enabling data collaboration and sharing while also featuring enhanced security and privacy. 

The DOP illustrates the State of Ohio’s commitment to become more customer-centric and data-driven, ultimately allowing state agencies, programs, and entities to better serve Ohioans. The DOP offers significant value drivers for Ohio:

  •  Increases transparency by significantly expanding access to key State of Ohio data
  •  Empowers the public by putting data into the hands of key partners, local governments, researchers, reporters, and citizens
  •  Informs policy and state programs to better serve Ohio communities
ODNR Fish Stocking Dataset and Visualization
The ODNR fish stocking dataset is available to the public and viewable in an interactive Ohio map and data table. The new interactive Ohio map and data table allows users to customize their search by:
  •  Location (Ohio public waterways)
  •  Stocking Year (1970-present)
  • Species
  •  Lifestage (fry, fingerling, etc.)
  • Total Stocked (total # of fish stocked)
Accessing the ODNR Fish Stocking Dataset and Visualization
Users can access the new fish stocking dataset and visualization underRecent Datasetsor by filtering the Data Catalog by “Agency > Department of Natural Resources” at data.ohio.gov.

More information about the InnovateOhio Platform is available on the InnovateOhio website. For general inquiries, please contact the InnovateOhio Platform team.

Farewell to State CIO Ervan D. Rodgers II - 6.7.2021

State CIO Ervan D. Rodgers II recently left state service to pursue an opportunity in the private sector. Specifically, he is now the senior vice president and chief information officer for Designer Brands. As State CIO, Ervan emphasized collaboration, setting strategic goals for IT Innovation and partnering with state agencies to achieve these goals. Ervan provided leadership throughout the pandemic, helping to deliver critical information technology services. He also worked to bring national attention to information technology in the State of Ohio and its tremendous successes.

Katrina Flory has assumed the position of interim state CIO and interim assistant director for DAS. Katrina has extensive experience in State government. She has served in the deputy state CIO role for approximately 10 years, leading efforts to establish DAS OIT strategic direction and overseeing enterprise shared service operations such as the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS), InnovateOhio Platform, Ohio Business Gateway (OBG), and the eLicense system. She joined DAS OIT in 2000 and was previously with the Ohio Department of Taxation. Katrina’s deep knowledge of State government will enable a seamless transition and continuation of statewide efforts to leverage technology assets to improve the well-being of Ohioans and their health, property, security, and livelihoods.

If you have any questions, please contact us at it.innovation@das.ohio.gov.

Husted Announces Launch of Newly Redesigned, More User-Friendly BMV Website  - 5.10.2021

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted and the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) announced the launch of a vastly improved, more user-friendly BMV website. The redesign allows Ohio customers to have a faster, easier and more streamlined experience when they are using this resource.  

The new site was created in collaboration between InnovateOhio and the BMV, a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), along with input from the Citizen Interactions Workgroup, a segment of stakeholders and interested parties on the InnovateOhio Executive Committee who provided guidance and feedback on improving customer experience.

"We've already heard from many Ohioans who have found the newly redesigned site to be cleaner, more efficient and much easier to use," said Lt. Governor Husted, who serves as Director of InnovateOhio. "The teams at InnovateOhio and the BMV built this site with the customer in mind so that when someone visits BMV.Ohio.Gov, they can quickly find what they're looking for, get their question answered, and go on with their day."

The newly redesigned website features a number of enhanced tools including a simplified authentication process for logging in, a dynamic search function to help customers explore by keyword, and a new “My BMV” profile allowing the user to see the status of their driver’s license, organ donation options, driving record, and more, all on one page as compared to the more than ten pages it was previously. Additionally, Ohioans will have an easier time utilizing the site on their mobile device.

“The BMV is dedicated to improving and enhancing the overall customer experience,” said ODPS Director Tom Stickrath. “Through the ‘Get in Line, Online’ System, BMV Online Services, and now the new website, we continue to provide innovative options for our customers’ diverse needs.”

“This website project is a great example of what can be accomplished with collective teamwork and an ongoing commitment to improved customer service,” said BMV Registrar Charlie Norman. “I am proud that this project was accomplished during unprecedented times, and look forward to the efficiencies and convenience this will allow us to provide to Ohioans.”

"It was an honor to assist Lt. Governor Husted, InnovateOhio, and the BMV team on the website redesign through the Citizen Interactions Workgroup," said Alex Timm, CEO and co-founder of Root Insurance, as well as the Citizen Interactions Workgroup leader. "The new website is crisp, clean, and intuitive, making it simpler to access online services, saving Ohioans trips to the BMV office.”

The new website can be found at www.BMV.Ohio.Gov.

Government Technology Honors Team Ohio   - 4.2.2021

Team Ohio, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted and State CIO Ervan Rodgers, were recently honored with a place in Government Technology’s list of the Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers. Each year, Government Technology recognizes outstanding technology innovators in the public sector that work hard to make government better. 

Team Ohio was recognized for its statewide innovations in IT and the leadership provided during the pandemic. Some of the efforts mentioned by Government Technology include the data and analytics work that was done by the Ohio Department of Health and the InnovateOhio Platform (IOP) team in support of critical COVID-19 reporting and information sharing. IOP was also recognized for its work with state agencies to standardize websites and create a data platform that supports essential services such as background checks for firearms and opioid abuse reporting. 

For additional details on Team Ohio’s recognition, visit Government Technology

OAKS Modernization Project – Go-Live was a Success - 3.8.2021

We are pleased to share that the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials (FIN) applications of the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS) have been upgraded. 

The project, also referred to as OAKS Modernization, was a success and went live on February 16, 2021. We thank you for your participation and continued partnership in working through any initial issues as the system launched.

What changed?

This project was predominately a technical upgrade, which also brought a new look and feel to the user interface.  

There are some notable areas of process improvement to benefits life events, the benefits manage proof process and ePerformance. In addition, there are new search capabilities for OAKS FIN and HCM as well as the accessibility for both via mobile devices. Most other changes are simply navigational and minor differences in appearance.  

How can I learn more about the upgraded features? 

To become familiar with key changes, all employees can now view videos called “What’s New in HCM” and “What’s New in FIN.” For employees that may travel on state business, updated Travel and Expense Training is also available. 

To see what is changing in HCM follow this
link What’s New in OAKS HCM. Tip: If you are having trouble playing the video, remember to disconnect from the VPN.

The “What’s New in OAKS FIN” video and the Travel and Expense Training may be accessed via Ohio Learn, follow the instructions below.  

  1. Navigate to: myOhio > My Workspace > Ohio Learn and click on the next to the words Ohio Learn to access the system.
  2. On the menu bar at the top of the page, select Training Catalog, and then click on Statewide Training by Topic
  3. In the Search the Statewide Catalog search box, type What’s New for the “What’s New in OAKS FIN” video and click FIND.  For the Travel and Expense Training, type  Travel in the search box and click FIND
  4. .Select the video, What’s New in FIN and click Launch. Select Travel and Expense Training and click Launch. 

For an additional resource to assist FIN users, please click here to access the OAKS FIN Process Manual.   

There has been a great deal of work accomplished since this journey began in April 2020. This project helped us realize the next step in achieving the State’s vision to provide the latest business improvements through the OAKS software.  

We appreciate your support throughout our transition and thank you for being great partners in this upgrade!

IT Engagement Model

With a focus on IT innovation and in support of the 2020 IT Innovation Technology Strategic Plan, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Office of Information Technology (OIT) established an IT Engagement model that includes the Technology Advisory Council (TAC) and Technology Advisory Groups (TAG).

The IT engagement process will facilitate the identification of various DAS OIT and agency supported Innovation Committees (IC) that will assist in realizing the principles and goals of the TAC and TAG. 

Technology Advisory Council (TAC):

The TAC membership includes a core group of DAS OIT leadership and six agency chief information officers (CIOs).

The guiding principles of the TAC include: innovation, enterprise perspective, economy of scale (cost containment), collaboration, strategic alignment, business value, and customer service.

Technology Advisory Groups (TAG):

The TAG consists of six groups to champion the top technology priorities, each group is supported by a DAS OIT subject matter expert. These priorities include: Cybersecurity & Risk Management, Digital Services/Digital Government, Cloud Services, Data Management & Analytics, Identity & Access Management, and Workforce.

The guiding principles of the TAG include: enterprise perspective, collaboration, actionable engagement, efficiency/reduction of redundancy, innovation, and value.

The TAG, associated chairs, and partner agencies are organized as follows:

Technology Advisory Group (TAG) Chair Members
Cybersecurity & Risk Management
Jeff Swan
Natural Resources

Adjutant General
Administrative Services
Higher Education
Public Safety
Secretary of State

Digital Services/Digital Government

Michelle Burk
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

Administrative Services
Bureau of Workers’ Compensation


Cloud Services

Scott Brock
Development Services Agency

Administrative Services
Environmental Protection Agency
Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
Inspector General
Mental Health & Addiction Services

Data Management & Analytics

Nate Huskey


Administrative Services
Attorney General
Auditor of State
Developmental Disabilities
Treasurer of State

Identity & Access Management

Venu Pallerla
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Administrative Services
Budget and Management
Public Defender
Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure


Mark Smith
Job and Family Services

Administrative Services
Industrial Commission
Legislative Information Systems
Rehabilitation & Correction
Veterans Services
Youth Services


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