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Enterprise IT Architecture Resources

Enterprise IT Architecture provides the essential framework to create the required foundation for a responsive and adaptable technology environment that serves State agencies and their respective constituencies. It is a critical component of the State of Ohio’s ability to proactively anticipate and respond to drivers of change and shifts in the technological landscape and domains. Enterprise IT Architecture creates and maintains alignment between the State’s enterprise business vision and technology platform standards. It is about addressing the business and organizational needs of the State and providing insight into the trends, standards, and applications of technologies.

An established enterprise IT architecture offers significant benefits to the State of Ohio, including:

  • Alignment of enterprise technology standards and platforms with agency business goals
  • Gaining greater efficiency in the application of technologies and cost savings through the use of modern technology infrastructure standards and platforms
  • Reducing costs by avoiding duplicate technology implementations
  • Building a responsive and flexible technology environment
  • Managing and controlling the cost of maintenance and upgrades more effectively
  • Enhancing customer service to agencies and the citizens of Ohio through more effective systems and applications implementations
  • Forging stronger business relationships with the State’s business partners and vendors through clearer technology standards and interfaces
  • Continued modernization of the State’s technology environment and standards 


Enterprise IT Architecture Principles

As a first step toward establishing a statewide enterprise IT architecture foundation, the Department of Administrative Services Office of Information Technology is publishing the Enterprise IT Architecture Principles document. The document captures the high-level, enterprise IT architecture strategy of the State of Ohio.  The document defines Ohio’s IT Architecture Principles by Business, Data, Application, Technology and Security domains. The established principles provide guidance to State initiatives and are designed to enhance productivity and ensure effective and efficient use of information technology across the State.

 Enterprise IT Architecture Principles (.pdf)