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Classification Specifications

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The following classification specifications are available for download. Click on the classification number to download the classification specification:



Classification Number
Classification Title
Academy Training
Account Clerk (Attorney General)
Account Executive
Accountancy Board Executive Director
Accountant/Examiner (Treasurer of State)
Accounts Representative Supervisor
Activity Therapy
Administrative Assistant (Attorney General)
Administrative Assistant (Auditor of State)
Administrative Assistant (Treasurer of State)
Administrative Law Attorney Examiner
Administrative Law Judge
Administrative Officer
Administrative Professional
1687AG Administrative Professional (Attorney General)
Administrative Secretary (Attorney General)
Administrative Secretary (Secretary of State)
Adult Teacher Aide
Advanced Training Coordinator
Advanced Training Instructor 
AFIS Operator (Attorney General)
Agriculture Enforcement
Agriculture Inspection Manager/Administrator
2113 Agriculture Environment Inspector
Air Quality Engineer
Air Quality Technician
Aircraft Attendant
Aircraft Maintenance
Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Alcohol & Drug Program (Contract Compliance)
Alcohol & Drug Program (Planner)
Alcohol & Drug Program (Prevention)
Amusement Ride & Game Inspection
              6598 Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Director
2111 Animal Health Inspector
Arson Crime Laboratory Chief
Assistant Auditor
Assistant Director
Assistant IT Auditor (Auditor of State)
Auto Liability
Automotive Body Repair Worker
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Mechanic (Attorney General)
Aviation Specialist
2615AG  BCI Evidence Security Officer
2613AG BCI Special Agent
6579 Behavioral Heath Standards Surveyor
 6583 Behavioral Healthcare Provider
Benefits Customer Service
Benefits Management
Board/Commission Member
Board/Commission Secretary
              6396 Board of Tax Appeals Hearing Officer 
Boiler Inspection
Boiler Operator
Bond Accountant
Breath Alcohol Testing Inspection
Bridge Specialist
Bridge Worker
Broadcasting Engineer
6326 Budget Analyst
Budget/Management Analyst
Building Construction Superintendent
Building Inspection
Building Maintenance
Business Administrator
Business Analyst
Business Enterprise Specialist
Business Operations Analyst
Business Operations Manager
Business Process Analysis
6333 Business Transformation Analyst
BWC Attorney
BWC Customer Service Representative
BWC Employer Service Representative
BWC Special Investigations
BWC Technical Resource Consultant
BWC Underwriting Consultant
5253 CAD Specialist
Campaign Finance Examiner (Secretary of State)
Cancer Registrar
6947 Case Management 
Case Management Specialist
Certification Officer (Attorney General)
Certification/Licensure Examiner
 4417 Certified Peer Recovery Supporter
4274 Certified Pharmacy Technician
Charitable Funds Auditor
 6326AG Charitable Law Compliance Inspector Series
Children's Teacher Aide
Chiropractic Board Enforcement Investigator
Civil Rights Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator
Civil Rights Investigator
Claims Account Representative (Attorney General)
Claims Examiner
Claims Management
Clerk (Attorney General)
Client Advocate
Clinical Health Care Surveyor
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Commissary Manager
Commissary Worker
Community Adjustment Trainer
Community Development Analyst
2352 Compliance Agent
Compliance Analyst (Treasurer of State)
 6417 Computer Acquisition Analyst
6716AG Computer Forensic Specialist (Attorney General)
Computer Operator
Computer Operator (Attorney General)
Constituent Liaison Officer (Attorney General)
Construction Project Specialist
Consumer Analytical Laboratory Administrator
Consumer Finance Examiner
Consumer Protection Investigator (Attorney General)
Consumers' Council
Contract Evaluator/Negotiator
Control Bid Attorney
Correction Job Placement Specialist
Correction Officer
 6323 Correction Records
Correction Specialist
Correction Warden Assistant
Correctional Farm
Correctional Food Service
Correctional Grievance Officer
Correctional Institution Deputy Superintendent
Correctional Laundry
Correctional Program
Corrections Classification Specialist
Corrections Security Administrator
Cosmetology/Barber Inspector
Crime Laboratory Director
Crime Victims' Claims Investigator
Crime Victims Claims Specialist (Attorney General)
Criminal Intelligence Analyst (Attorney General)
Criminal Investigation
Criminal Justice Planner
Criminal Justice Services
Curriculum Design Specialist
Custodial Work
Custodial Worker (Attorney General)
Customer Service Assistant
Customer Service Assistant (Secretary of State)
Customer Service Associate
Customer Service Investigator
Customer Service Specialist
Dairy Program Administrator
Data Administration Management
Data Base Analyst
Data Analytics
Data Base Analyst (Auditor of State)
Database Administration 
Data Control Technician
Data Entry
              1232 Data Processor
Data Security (Auditor of State)
Data Storage
Data Systems Coordinator
Data Systems Coordinator (Auditor of State)
Data Systems Management
Data Systems Scheduler
Data Systems Scheduler (Auditor of State)
Data Technician
Delivery Worker
Dental Board Enforcement
Dental Hygienist
Dental Support
Deputy Director
              6132 Deputy Director (Parenthetical) 
Deputy Registrar Field Representative
Design Engineer
Design Specialist
Digital Publishing Operator (Auditor of State)
Disability Claims
Disaster Services
Dock Coordinator
Document Delivery Technician
DODD Program Director
8411 Drafting Technician
Dredge Operator
Driver License Examiner
DYS Interstate Compact Coordinator
Early Intervention Specialist
Ecological Analyst
Education Administrator
Education Liaison
6960 Education Program Specialist
Education Specialist 1 - 4
Educational Supervisory/Administrative
EEG/EKG Technician
EEO Contract/Program Officer
EEO Officer
EEO Officer (Auditor of State)
Electrical Inspection
Electronic Design
 5266A Electronic Design (Auditor of State)
Electronic Technician
Elevator Inspection
Embalmer & Funeral Facility Inspector
Employee Assistance Program
Employment Services Support
Energy Analyst
Energy Specialist
Enforcement Agent
Engineering Clerk
Enterprise Information Security  
Environmental Background Investigator Supervisor
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Public Information Officer
Environmental Specialist
Epidemiology Investigator
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Operator
Estimating Administrator
Ethics Commission Special Investigator
Executive Director
8615 Evidence Intake Technician 
Evidence Intake Technician (Attorney General)
Executive Secretary (Auditor of State)
Exercise Physiologist
Exploratory Drill Operator
External Auditor
Facilities Planning
5316 Facility Maintenance Specialist
6142 Facility Superintendent
6656 Financial Analyst
6656T Financial Analyst (Treasurer of the State)
Financial Institution Examiner
6658 Financial Manager 
6224 Financial Planning & Supervision Commission 
Financial Reporting Accountant
Fine Arts Specialist
Fingerprint Examiner (Attorney General)
2653 Fire & Explosion Investigation
Fire Fighter
Fire Safety Educator
Fire Safety Inspection
Fire Training Officer
Fiscal Officer (Attorney General)
Fiscal Officer (Auditor of State)
Fiscal Officer (Secretary of State)
Fish Hatchery
Fish Management
Fisheries Biology
Food Safety
Food Service
Food Service Coordination/Management
Forensic Computer Specialist
Forensic Scientist (Attorney General)
Forensic Scientist Laboratory Technician (Attorney General)
Forensic Specialist
Forensic Toxicologist
Forest Management
Gaming Enforcement Agent
Gas Pipeline Safety Compliance Investigator
General Services Coordinator (Attorney General)
GIMS Specialist
GIMS Technician
Grants Coordinator
Graphic Artist
Guidance Counselor 1 - 2
Hazardous Materials Investigation Specialist
Health Care Facilities Surveyor (Field Survey Operations)
6159 Health Care Facilities Surveyor (Office Survey Operations)
Health Financial Resource
Health Information
Health Physics
Health Planning Administrator
Health Services Policy
Healthcare Investigator Specialist
Hearing Assistant
Highway Maintenance Worker
Highway Patrol Communication Technician
Highway Patrol Dispatcher
Highway Patrol Electronic Technician
Highway Patrol Officer
Highway Technician
Highway Technician Equipment Specialist
Hospital Aide
Housing Development Analyst
Housing Examiner
Housing Grant Analyst
Human Capital Management
Human Services Developer
Human Services Hearing Officer
Human Services Program
Human Services Specialist
Identification Supervisor
Imaging Technician
Industrial Commission Hearing Officer
Industrial Rehabilitation
Industrial Rehabilitation Nurse
Industrial Safety Administrator
Industrial Safety Consultant
Industrial Safety Consultant/Hygienist District Manager
Industrial Safety Hygienist
Industrial Safety Inspection
Infectious Disease Control
Information Technology (Exempt)
Information Technology (Auditor of State)
Information Technology (Secretary of State)
6991 Information Technology Apprentice 
Information Technology Consultant
Information Technology Consultant (Auditor of State)
Information Technology Management (Treasurer of State)
Information Technology Project Analyst (Attorney General)
6414AG Information Technology Specialist (Attorney General)
Information Technology
Information Writer/Publications Editor
 6416AG Infrastructure Specialist (Attorney General)
Institution Superintendent
Institutional Identification Officer
Insurance Actuarial Analyst
Insurance Complaint Analyst
Insurance Compliance Examiner
Insurance Contract Analyst
Insurance Examination Data Specialist
Insurance Examiner
Insurance Investigation
Insurance Licensing Analyst
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor (OBM)
Internal Auditor (Treasurer of State)
Internal EDP Auditor
Inventory Control
IT Architect / Consultant
Jail Inspector
Juvenile Correctional Officer
Juvenile Correctional Operations
Juvenile Parole Officer
Lab Machinist
Labor Market Analyst
Labor Relations Board General Counsel
Labor Relations Mediator
Labor Relations Officer
Labor Relations Opinion Writer
Labor Relations Specialist
Laboratory Assistant/Technician
Laboratory Scientist
Law Enforcement Training Officer (Attorney General)
Layout Design Artist
Legal Secretary (Attorney General)
Liaison Officer
Librarian Administrator
Library Assistant
Load Limit Inspector
Local Government Consultant (Auditor of State)
Local Government Services Project Accountant (Auditor of State)
Lottery Delivery Worker
Lottery Game Security Specialist
Lottery Ticket Sales Representative
Mail Clerk
Mail Clerk/Messenger (Auditor)
Maintenance Repair Worker
Maintenance Repair Worker (Attorney General)
Management Analyst
Management Analyst (Auditor of State)
6321S Management Analyst (Secretary of State)
Materials Controller
Meat Inspector
Mechanical Stores Clerk
2498AG Medicaid Fraud Analyst (Attorney General)
Medicaid Health Systems
Medicaid Special Agent (Attorney General)
Medical Board Compliance Officer
Medical Board Investigation/Administration
Medical Board Nurse Specialist
Medical Review Nurse
Mental Health Administrator
Mine Safety Inspector
Mineral Resources
Minority Procurement
2613 Mitigation Investigation Specialist  
Motor Carrier Enforcement Inspector
Motor Fleet Coordinator
Motor Vehicle Inspection
Motor Vehicle Investigation
Natural Resources Administrator
Natural Resources Engineer (Exempt)
8576 Natural Resources Engineer (Bargaining Unit)
Natural Resources Officer
Natural Resources Staff Officer 
Natural Resources Technician
Natural Resources Worker
Network Administration
Network Administration (Auditor of State)
Network Administration (Secretary of State)
Network Services
Nursing Board Program Manager
Nurse Education
Nurse Practitioner
Nursing Board Compliance & Enforcement
Nursing Board Consultant
Nursing Board Executive Director
Nursing Board Monitoring
Nursing Home Administrator
2452 Occupational Safety & Hygiene
Occupational Therapy
ODJFS Customer Service
ODJFS Field Operations
ODJFS Licensing / Certification Specialist
ODJFS Program Administrator
ODJFS Program Delivery
ODNR Central Office Enforcement Officer
              1214 Office Professional 
Office Services Specialist (Attorney General-Office Services)
OHLEG Support Specialist (Attorney General)
Oral Health
6463 Organizational Assessment Research
Paralegal/Certified Paralegal (Secretary of State)
Paralegal/Legal Assistant
Paralegal/Legal Assistant (Attorney General)
6531 Paramedic
Parent Consultant
Park & Watercraft Management 
Parks Law Enforcement Staff Officer
Parole Board/Release Authority Hearing Officer
Parole Board/Release Authority Member
Parole Officer
Parole Program
Peace Officer Training Compliance Officer (Attorney General)
Peer Review Nurse
Penal Industries Sales Representative
Penal Workshop
Permit Technician
Personal Computer Administrator (Auditor of State)
Personnel Testing Specialist
Pharmacy Board Compliance
Pharmacy Board Compliance Specialist
 2155  Pharmacy Board Inspection  
Physical Therapy
Physician Administrator
Physician Assistant
Plans Examiner
2118 Plant Health
Plant Industry Administrator
Plant Maintenance Engineer
Plumbing Inspection
Police Officer
Polygraph Examiner (Attorney General)
Practical Nursing
Preserve Management
Printing Coordinator
Printing Machine Operator
Printing Standards
Program Administrator
Project Engineer
Project Inspector
Project Manager/IT Project Manager
Provider Reimbursement Analyst
Provider Relations Representative
Psychiatric Attendant
Psychiatric/DD Nurse
Public Defender
Public Health Entomologist
 6523  Public Health Informatics 
Public Health Nurse Specialist
Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Program
Public Health Consultant
Public Health Veterinarian
Public Information
Public Inquiries (Attorney General)
6493 Public Safety Intelligence
Public Transportation
Public Utilities Administrator
Public Utilities Commissioner
Public Utilities Commissioner Aide
Public Utilities Electric Coordinator
Public Utilities Transportation Examiner
Publication Specialist
Publication Specialist (Auditor of State)
PUCO Transportation Systems Administrator
6452AG Purchasing (Attorney General)
Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional
Quality Assurance Specialist
Racing Inspector
Radiation Safety Officer
Radio Dispatcher
Radio Operator
Radio Technician
Radiological Instrument Technician
Railroad Inspector
Real Estate Disposition/Administrator
Realty Specialist
Records Management
Records Management (Attorney General)
Records Management (Auditor of State)
Recreation Aide
Regional Equipment Training Specialist
Rehabilitation Program Specialist
Reproduction Equipment Operator
Research Vessel
Respiratory Therapist
Risk Management
Safety & Health Coordinator
Safety & Health Inspection
Sanitarian Program
Scenic River
Securities Analyst
Securities Specialist
Security Officer
SERB Executive Director
Shared Services Associate
Sheet Metal
Shooting Range Attendant
Sign Fabrication
Social Sciences Research
Social Services Licensing
Social Worker
 6415AG Software Developer (Attorney General)
Software Development 
Soils & Foundation
Soils Resource
6451 Sourcing
Special Investigator (Auditor of State)
Speech-Language Pathology
State Accountant Financial Analyst
State Employment Relations Board Member
State Fire Marshal
State Payroll Specialist
State Purchasing
State Records Management Analyst
State Records Technician
State Registrar
Stationary Engineer
Statistics Clerk
Steam Fitter
Stores Clerk
Substitute Teacher 1 - 4
Survey Technician
Systems Programmer (Auditor of State)
6682 Tax Analyst
Tax Appeals Board Member
Tax Criminal Investigations Agent
6681 Tax Examiner 
Teacher 1 - 4
Teacher 1 - 4 (Adult Basic Education)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Adult Basic Education/GED)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Art)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Business Office Systems Specialist)
Teacher 1 - 4 (English)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Family & Consumer Science)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Industrial Arts)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Language Arts)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Librarian/Educational Media)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Special Education - Intervention Specialist)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Mathematics)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Music)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Physical Education & Health)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Science)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Social Studies)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Auto Body)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Auto Mechanics)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Barbering)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Building Maintenance)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Administrative Office Tech)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Carpentry)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Cosmetology)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Culinary Arts)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Drafting)
7144 Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Electrical Wiring)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Electronics)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Food Service)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Graphic Arts)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Heating/Air Conditioning)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Horticulture)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Machine Shop)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Masonry)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Meatcutting)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Career Based Intervention)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Vocational - Pre-Vocational)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Small Engine Mechanics)
Teacher 1 - 4 (Career-Tech - Welding)
Technical Claims Specialist
Technical Medical Specialist
Technical Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
Technical Writer
Technology Based Trainer
Telecommunications Analyst
Telecommunications Operations
Telecommunications Systems Analyst
Telecommunications Technician
Telephone Intake Operator (Auditor of State)
Telephone Operator
Telephone Operator (Auditor of State)
Telephone Operator (Attorney General)
Tour Guide
Traffic Management Center Operator
Traffic Signal Technician
Trainer (Auditor of State)
Transportation Administrator
Transportation Assistant Director
Transportation Engineer
Transportation Manager
Transportation Systems Administrator
Transportation Technician
Treatment Plant
UC Administrative Hearing Officer
Unclaimed Funds Auditor
Underground Storage Tank Inspector
Unemployment Claims Examiner
Unemployment Compensation Examiner/Specialist
Unemployment Compensation Administrator
Unemployment Contribution Examiner
Uniform Accounting Network Project Accountant (Auditor of State)
Utilities Attorney Examiner
Utilities Relocation Technician
Utility Analyst
Utility Auditor
Utility Specialist
Vehicle Operator
Veterans Benefits Coordinator
Veterans Benefits Educational Consultant
Veterinary Bacteriologist
Veterinary Pathologist
Veterinary Pathology Assistant
Veterinary Virologist
Vocational Appraisal Specialist
Vocational Habilitation Specialist
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Volunteer Coordinator
Wage & Hour Investigator
Water Quality Engineer
Water/Wastewater Service Quality Coordinator
Watercraft Records
Watercraft Registration Agent
Weights & Measures
WIC Vendor Specialist
Wildlife Area Management
Wildlife Biology
Wildlife Communications
Wildlife District Manager
Wildlife Education
Wildlife Management
Wildlife Officer
Wildlife Program Aviation Manager
Wildlife Program Manager
Wildlife Propagation Unit Supervisor
Work Incentives Consultant
Workers' Compensation Actuarial Assistant
Workers' Compensation Claims Specialist
Workers' Compensation External Auditor/Employer Services
Workers' Compensation Information Supervisor
Workers' Compensation Underwriter
Workshop Program Evaluation
Youth Leader (Blind/Deaf School)
Youth Services Regional Administrator
Youth Services Unit Administrator