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Welcome to the Talent Development Community!


The Office of Talent Management, Learning and Professional Development encourage you to learn more about the Talent Development Community (TDC). 

The purpose of this Community is to enhance performance through strategic partnerships and collaboration. The TDC provides an opportunity to engage a community of professionals with similar interest and to leverage resources from various state agencies.  The TDC will also provide an avenue to share information and best practices related to emerging trends in talent development and improve employee performance.

Please take the time to explore resources and to learn about the current initiatives underway!


Competency Development Guide

2018 - 2019 LPD Training Catalog

TDC Glossary of Terms (Searchable)

TermSorted By Term In Ascending OrderDefinitionSource
AbilitiesAptitude or competence in skills needed to perform a job task.DAS
AccessibilityA characteristic of technology that enables people with disabilities to use it. For example, accessible websites can be navigated by people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairments.ATD Glossary
ActivityAn instance of a catalog item delivery method (sometimes also called a class) that is available for enrollment. An activity focuses on a specific topic.ELM Glossary
ADDIEAn industry standard model or framework for instructional design that includes the following phases: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.TDC E-Learning Guide
AICCAviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) is a standard, which provides a consistent method of communication between courseware and LMS systems. AICC is the first generation of standard interoperability.ELM Glossary
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Talent Development Community Glossary of Terms (PDF version)


Cited Sources and References

ATD Glossary


ELM Glossary



E-Learning Design and Development Guide

Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

TDC Brochure


TDC Interest Form

Inspirational Leader Audit Procedure

Click here for the Lead Ohio: Inspirational Leader audit procedure for TDC members.

TDC Newsletter (Archived)


TDC Committee Members

Talent Development Community


Peter Renner, Executive Sponsor

Debora Branham, Project Owner & Lead

Roderick Cheatham, Project Manager

Vincent Williams, Project Manager


TDC Advisory Council Members

Jennifer Adair

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Michael Buerger

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Helena Carter

Ohio Department of Aging


Joel Coughlin

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Dan Piercy

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Carolyn Groves

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Matthew Dyer

Office of Budget and Management


Abbie Frase

Ohio Department of Medicaid


Steve Galloway

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


Matt Gill

Bureau of Workers' Compensation


Cynthia Hill

Bureau of Workers' Compensation


Ray Justice

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Kate Nicholson

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Cynthia Orr

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services


Jonathan Rollings

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities


Stan Sikorski

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Patricia Winbush

Ohio Department of Administrative Services


Maggie Toal

Ohio Department of Administrative Services



As of: 1/22/2019

Agency TDC Liaisons

Gary Allen

Public Utilities Commission


Lori Carter

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities


Robert Cooperman

Ohio Department of Commerce


Stanford Crockett

Ohio Department of Agriculture


Renee Davis-Caroll

Ohio Industrial Commission


Bill Demidovich

Department of Natural Resources  


Raquel Dowdy-Cornute

Department of Veterans Services


Shonna Ferrell

Department of Veteran Services


Valerie Gladden

Ohio Department of Public Safety


Rebecca Grace

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services


Bob Greene

Department of Administrative Services


Cynthia Hill

Bureau of Workers Compensation


Kim Kuchel

Department of Insurance


Sara Lemanski

Environmental Protection Agency


Brittany Miller

Ohio Lottery Commission


Kathleen Nichols

Ohio Housing Finance Administration


Melissa Paskins

Department of Administrative Services


Stacy Savarise

Department of Taxation


Larry Thompson

Ohio Department of Corrections


Morgan Webb

Ohio Department of Education


Nikki Williams

Office of Budget Management



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