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Lead Ohio Program Manager:
Julia White
Talent Development Program Manager



In line with Governor Mike DeWine’s recent Executive Order regarding public health and safety, all instructor-led classes provided by Lead Ohio are canceled until further notice. Please contact us at 614-387-6183 or leadohio@das.ohio.gov with questions.



The State of Ohio recognizes the importance of cultivating internal talent. Lead Ohio is the State’s initiative to develop successful leaders at every level of State government by standardizing supervisor expectations, providing opportunities for networking, professional growth, and skill-building. 

Lead Ohio Competency Framwork

State of Ohio Leadership Development Program

For more agency information on FoS enrollment requirements, open the “FoS Information for Agencies” tab here.



Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision is a required training program for State of Ohio supervisors. The program is designed to provide a consistent training experience for newly promoted and recently hired supervisors and consistent, standardized guidance and direction to all State supervisors on the roles and responsibilities of supervising in State government. There are two available options to complete this program: virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and eLearning.


All recently promoted supervisors or those who are new to State government are expected to complete the program within your first six (6) months as a supervisor. Because this is mandatory, participation and attendance at all learning events is required. Existing supervisors and managers who have one or more direct reports and two or more years of continuous state experience supervising, and leading others are encouraged, but not required to enroll in the Foundations of Supervision program. Eligibility is limited to those who directly supervise others.


The virtual instructor-led program consists of eight instructor-led training (VILT) courses. The eLearning program consists of ten self-paced courses. All modules within each eLearning course must be completed in or to receive credit for the course. Both programs may include pre-work or pre-assessments. Whether you select the VILT or eLearning program, supervisors have the option to complete some courses virtually and others through eLearning.


Each course supports the competencies needed to be successful as a supervisor in the State. The Lead Ohio Competency Framework can be found on the Lead Ohio webpage at:


Learners will gain the foundational skills expected for all supervisors within the State of Ohio. Throughout the program, supervisors gain the knowledge needed to:

  • Understand and adapt your behavior style;
  • Communicate effectively with all levels within the organization;
  • Effectively use the Performance Management and Development cycle. (i.e., Plan, Engage and Evaluate);
  • Enhance engagement and appreciate our differences; and
  • Recognize your responsibilities to both manage and lead your team.


All recently promoted or newly hired supervisors are automatically enrolled in the Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision training program in Ohio Learn. To learn more about the program, please contact:

Learning and Talent Professional Development
Email: leadohio@das.ohio.gov
Phone: (614) 387-6183


Learners are required to complete all courses in either program to receive a certificate of completion.


At this time, there are no CEUs associated with the Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision program.


Course Curriculum

Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision is a mandatory supervisory training program for State of Ohio supervisors. The program consists of two available options for completion, eLearning, and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). This program is designed to provide a consistent training experience for existing, recently promoted and newly hired supervisors who manage others in the State of Ohio.

1. Introduction to FoS – only required for eLearning program

This course introduces you to the State of Ohio eLearning training program and requirements for completion. You will review the program, content overview, completion requirements and suggested resources for support.

2. Introduction to DISC

This course examines the DISC behavioral assessment. This tool is used to help supervisors understand themselves and others, while improving relationships. Application of DISC will be reinforced throughout many of the Lead Ohio courses. You will be required to complete the DISC assessment prior to class.

3. Communicating for Results

Communication is essential to your success as a supervisor. During this course you will learn key components of effective communication, utilize DISC to create more meaningful conversations, discuss the importance of holding difficult conversations and how to communicate upward.

4. Labor Relations

This course provides an overview of pertinent information regarding the union contracts and delves into your rights and responsibilities, as a supervisor working in a bargaining unit environment.

5. Introduction to Performance Management and Development – only required for eLearning program

Performance Management and Development is a key part of every supervisor’s responsibilities. This course is a prerequisite for the eLearning Performance Management Suite; Effective Goal Setting, Coaching and Developing Others, Evaulating your Employees. You will be introduced to the Performance Management and Development cycle as well as the State of Ohio’s competency framework.

6. Effective Goal Setting

Establishing effective goals for your employees is the first step in successful performance management. In this course, you will learn the importance of aligning goals with strategic initiatives, differentiate between goals and competencies, learn how to write a SMART goal, and preparing to discuss goals with your employees.

7. Coaching and Developing Others

This course helps you prepare for coaching conversations with your employees. You will learn how to define performance gaps, give feedback and recognition, coach your employees, and how to properly document the discussion.

8. Evaluating Your Employees

In this course you will build on your knowledge from Effective Goal Setting and Coaching and Developing Others to complete the performance management and development cycle. During this course, you will review the performance management process, learn how to write a Performance Evaluation, and how to conduct a meaningful performance evaluation discussion.

9. Appreciating and Valuing our Differences

This course explores the importance of diversity and inclusion and appreciating our differences in the workplace. You will also examine common misconceptions about disability and look at ways to support a disability inclusive work environment or culture.

10. Leadership Fundamentals

As a supervisor, you are responsible for both managing and leading your employees. In this course you will explore your DISC preferences as a leader, distinguish between management and leadership, and implement best practices for continued success in your new role.

Competency Framework

Calendar of Courses


Please visit the Foundations of Supervision Learning Plan in Ohio Learn for available courses.


State of Ohio Supervisor Expectations

Resources and Templates

Agency Information

Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision Agency Registration Information

Program Requirements

As of July 1, 2015, the State Human Resources Division, Office of Talent Management, Learning and Talent Development has been offering the Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision (LO: FoS) Program. All newly promoted or recently hired supervisors are required to enroll and participate in the LO: FoS program as outlined in Section 124.04(H) of the Ohio Revised Code, which authorizes DAS to conduct personnel training programs, including supervisory training programs.

Agency Information

As of July 1, 2020 Ohio Learn was implemented at the State of Ohio Learning Management System. New features of the system allowed for the automation of all scheduling and enrollment of supervisors in the Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision Program. As of July 1st, agencies are no longer required to contact DAS with the names of recently hired or newly promoted supervisors.

Automatic Enrollment Process

As of July 1, 2020, all recently hired or newly promoted supervisors will be automatically enrolled in the Ohio Learn: Foundations of Supervision training program and will be notified via email of that enrollment with instructions on how to proceed. A job aid will be attached to the email for learner’s convenience.

Program Structure

All recently promoted or newly hired supervisors are required to attend the Lead Ohio: Foundations of Supervision (LO: FoS) program within the first six (6) months of becoming a supervisor. This program provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities for success in your new position. Currently, there are two training delivery options to complete the program:

Delivery Options

  1. Virtual Instructor-Led (VILT) Cohort
    As part of the virtual cohort experience, you will complete one course per week, for eight consecutive weeks, with the same learners.
    • Learners will have the opportunity to build relationships, share common experiences and network with other newly promoted or recently hired supervisors.
    • Learners are required to enroll separately in each of the eight courses to complete the program. Additional materials and a link to attend the virtual cohort sessions will be sent through email the day prior to each of the scheduled sessions.
  2. eLearning
    The eLearning training courses can be completed anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.
    • There are ten courses in this program. Each course is broken into 30-minute modules to complete. Each course contains two to four separate modules.
    • Learners are required to enroll separately in each of the ten courses.
    • All eLearning modules must be completed to receive credit for each course.
  3. In-person Instructor-Led (ILT) Cohort
    Currently, in-person instructor-led sessions held at a physical location are not being offered. When this option becomes available, courses will be added to Ohio Learn for enrollment.

Flexibility within the Program

Supervisors have the option to complete some courses through virtual instructor-led sessions and others through eLearning. To receive credit for completion of an eLearning course, all modules must be completed for the course. For additional information, please contact the Learning and Talent Development office at: leadohio@das.ohio.gov.

Job Aid for Employees



Inspirational Leaders Program Manager:

Terri Vetter

Talent Development Program Manager



The Lead Ohio: Inspirational Leaders program is a competency-based leadership development program designed to build and strengthen management and leadership skills. This program provides an opportunity for leaders to expand their network across agencies.

This voluntary program is open to middle managers and leaders who meet the following requirements: 

  • In pay ranges 14 to 18, or 42 to 46
  • Have one or more direct reports
  • Two or more years of State service as a supervisor

Program Outcomes
Managers and leaders will:: 

  • Gain strategies and tools to build the behaviors necessary to lead others and achieve business results
  • Learn to: 
    • Apply proven strategies and best practices
    • Communicate through effective leadership styles
    • Establish techniques for managing workplace conflict
    • Strengthen leadership change capabilities
  • Become proficient in applying the core behaviors that support the State competency framework.

Certificate Requirements
To earn the Certificate of Completion, 20 learning credits must be accrued.

Enrollment is a two-step process: in the Inspirational Leaders program, 

  • Enroll in the LO:IL Learning Plan via Ohio Learn
  • Enroll in the specific activities and courses that support your on-going learning by making selections from the LO:IL Learning Plan


Additional Information
For additional information about the Lead Ohio: Inspirational Leaders program:


Achieving Results While Developing People and Processes

Calendar of Courses


Please visit the Inspirational Leaders Learning Plan in Ohio Learn for available courses.

Community Forum

The DAS State Human Resources Division, Office of Talent Management, Learning and Talent Development hosts the Lead Ohio: Inspirational Leaders (LO: IL) Community Forum twice yearly.

Community Forums are a recurring event of the LO: IL’s program designed to enable dialogue, exchange best practices, and share tools on a current topic.

Fourm topics and invitations will be sent to current participants in the program and those who have recently completed the program.


Performance Management Community Pictures



Job Aids

Inspirational Leaders Resources

Administrator, Learning and Talent Development

Debora Branham
(614) 914-4244


Lead Ohio Program Manager

Julia White
(614) 466-0525


Talent Development Program Manager

Terri Vetter
(614) 728-0284


Talent Development Program Consultant

Shawn Garrett
(614) 300-9268


Talent Development Program Consultant

Patrick Hickman
(614) 466-0572


For general inquiries and questions regarding Lead Ohio, please contact us by email: leadohio@das.ohio.gov.



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