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About LTD

As part of the Office of Talent Management, the Learning and Talent Development (LTD) team consults and collaborates with agency partners to enhance and support the development of the State’s workforce.  Learning and development opportunities are available to management, exempt professionals, and bargaining unit employees via instructor-led, workshops as well as online tools and resources.  LTD highly values learning, and the courses are designed to enhance a variety of employee skills, at all levels of experience, to meet various learning styles.  As always, there is no cost for state employees to participate in the learning and development opportunities. You are encouraged to consult with your supervisor to determine the most suitable courses for your professional development.

Program Administrator:
Debora Branham
Learning and Talent Development Administrator

What's New?


State of Ohio Sexual Harassment Awareness Training - New




E-Learning Design and Development Guide

The Talent Development Community (TDC) E-Learning Technology subcommittee announces the release of the E-Learning Design and Development Guide. Please click the image below to view a complete copy.




OPERS Retirement Education Modules Now Available in ELM

The OPERS Retirement Education events are now accessible as an online resource in the ELM course catalog. This allows State of Ohio employees to conveniently access this valuable information, as needed.

The following modules are now available via ELM:

How to Select a Retirement Plan (Web-based)


This online resource will help you in selecting the OPERS retirement plan that will ensure you achieve your retirement goals. This is an important decision that can impact your financial future.  Remember, as a new OPERS member, you have 180 days from your start date to select one of the three (3) OPERS retirement plans: Traditional Pension, Member-Directed or Combined Plan.


Traditional Pension Plans (Groups B and C)


This online resource contains educational information intended for OPERS members in Groups B and C who have at least five (5) years before reaching retirement.  Resources include: webinars, recorded presentations and in-person seminars.


Traditional Pension Plans (Groups A and B)


This online resource will provide OPERS members who are in Groups A and B and are within five (5) years of retirement with resources such as: webinars, recorded presentations and schedules of in-person seminars to assist in retirement planning.


To register, go to myOhio.gov, click on Career Resources and select All Learning in the MyLearning ELM drop-down menu.  Select Search ELM Catalog from the left side of the screen and search using keyword OPERS. 







LTD Functional Structure (Contacts)

Annual Course Catalog (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)

State of Ohio Learning and Talent Development

Annual Course Catalog (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)

At A Glance: Course Schedule by Name and Date

Course Registration Instructions and Instructor-Led Training Locations

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Caregiver Resources

 Caregiver Resources - Manager Train the Trainer

The below materials are for use in conjunction with the Caregiver Resources on-line Managers Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace Train the Trainer session

Caregiver Resources PowerPoint Presentation

Caregiver Resources Facilitator's Guide

Caregiver Resources Learners Guide

PowerPoint Notes Pages

Caregiver Resources Brochure

New Employee Orientation

Evaluation Email Template

Sign in Roster

Caregiver Resources FAQs

Key Facilitator Discussion Points

Training completion instructions

General Contact

30 E. Broad St., 27th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Voice: 614-387-6183
Ohio Toll-Free Voice: 888-577-6276

Email: das.hrd.training.staff@das.ohio.gov



Employee Development Fund

Application/Processing Questions:
Mark Claypool

General Information, Policy, Procedures Questions:
Mary Cornwell

Ohio Toll-Free Voice: 800-409-1205
Email: edfund@das.ohio.gov


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