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Learning and Talent Development
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About Learning and Talent Development

As part of the Office of Talent Management, the Learning and Talent Development team consults and collaborates with agency partners to enhance and support the development of the State’s workforce. Learning and development opportunities are available to management, exempt professionals, and bargaining unit employees via instructor-led, workshops as well as online tools and resources.Learning and Talent Development highly values learning, and the courses are designed to enhance a variety of employee skills, at all levels of experience, to meet various learning styles. As always, there is no cost for State employees to participate in the learning and development opportunities. You are encouraged to consult with your supervisor to determine the most suitable courses for your professional development.

Program Administrator:
Debora Branham
Learning and Talent Development Administrator

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Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

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At a Glance: Course Schedule by Name and Date

In line with Governor Mike DeWine’s recent Executive Order regarding public health and safety, all instructor-led classes provided by Learning and Talent Development are canceled until further notice. Please contact us at 614-387-6183 or with questions.


Annual Learning and Talent Development At a Glance Course Listing - FY21

Learning and Talent Development will no longer offer the Annual Course Catalog. You will now be able to access training courses via the new Learning and Talent Development At-A-Glance Course Listing. The At-A-Glance will provide you with an array of diverse training opportunities in a convenient format to help you customize your training and skill development for the upcoming fiscal year! The At-A-Glance includes all course details, dates, times, locations, and course descriptions. The new At-A-Glance is organized by the title of the courses, their descriptions and when the courses are offered throughout the year.

Some of the featured learning events include: Roadmap for Managing Performance Workshop Series for supervisors. Also, the DAS Equal Opportunity Division’s Diversity & Inclusion Institute is open to all state employees, and offers a variety of topics related to EEO, HR, and Diversity and Inclusion.

We encourage you to explore the new learning opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact Learning and Talent Development at (614) 387-6183.

Training and Development Glossary

AccessibilityA characteristic of technology that enables people with disabilities to use it. For example, accessible websites can be navigated by people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairments.ATD Glossary
E-learningElectronic learning. Term covering a wide set of applications and processes, such as web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration.ATD Glossary
HTMLHypertext Markup Language. The programming language used to create documents for display on the World Wide Web.ATD Glossary
Learning Management System (LMS)Software that automates the administration of training. The LMS registers users, tracks courses in a catalog, records data from learners; and provides reports to management. An LMS is typically designed to handle courses by multiple publishers and providers. ATD Glossary
SCORMSharable Content Object Reference Model. A set of specifications that, when applied to course content, produces small, reusable learning objects. It is a result of the Department of Defense's Advance Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative. SCORM-compliant courseware elements can be merged with other compliant elements to produce a highly modular repository of training materials.ATD Glossary
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Agency On-site Training Request Form

In line with Governor Mike DeWine’s recent Executive Order regarding public health and safety, all instructor-led classes provided by Learning and Talent Development are canceled until further notice. Please contact us at 614-387-6183 or with questions.

We appreciate you visiting our website for assistance with your training needs. Please make sure you have met all four of the following requirements before proceeding with your Agency On-Site Training Request:

  1. Minimum of 15 participants
  2. Participants must be State of Ohio employees (i.e. paid by the warrant of the Office of Budget and Management)
  3. Request must be submitted at least 30 days prior to proposed training date
  4. Approved by Agency HR Administrator

**All exceptions must be approved by Learning and Talent Development (LTD).**

If you have met all four of the above requirements, click on the desired Course Name from the following list of available courses. You will be presented with the Agency On-Site Training Request form to begin the process. You will then be contacted by a Learning Talent Development (LTD) team member to further discuss your request.

Note: Each course requires a separate Agency On-Site Training Request Form.

Google Chrome users: you must right click the link, select “Save link as…”, and save the PDF form to your computer (Documents, Desktop, etc.). Next, open the file from your desktop location and complete the form. When finished, click “Submit Form”, select “Microsoft Outlook”, and “Send” the email. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A Look into Emotional Intelligence (LTD) - Do you ever feel that displaying emotion is a “bad” thing? This course will provide an overview on Emotional Intelligence to help you discover how to express your emotions in a way that enables you to build strong relationships with your peers, coworkers, supervisor and people in your personal life.
Absence Management (OCB) - This is an overview of state leave benefits, the Family Medical Leave Act, and strategies for absence management.
Actively Engaged in My Performance (LTD) - Are you actively engaged in your performance? Do you want to be more engaged in your performance development? This course will help you to become more collaborative with your supervisor to plan and set goals and expectations to ensure successful performance throughout the year.
Administrative Investigations (OCB) - You will learn how to conduct an administrative investigation, interview witnesses, the subject, and prepare the report.
Arbitration Advocacy and Brief Writing (OCB) (5-days) - You will be provided a comprehensive overview of the labor arbitration and brief writing process. 
Assertiveness in the Workplace (LTD) - Being assertive is a core communication skill. It’s not just what you say that’s important, but how you say it. Communication that is direct and respectful gives you the best chance of successfully delivering your message effectively. This course will examine how to communicate more assertively including making requests, giving bad news, and saying no.
Civility Training (EOD) - Times have changed. Incivility is growing in the workplace, as well as in most areas of our society. How big of a problem is this? Why is this happening? And what can be done about it, as individuals and as organizations?
Confronting Workplace Violence Including Bullying (OEAP) - Workplace violence can include bullying, hostility, threats, intimidation, and revenge. This course provides a better understanding of common causes, early warning signs and intervention services available through the Ohio Employee Assistance Program (OEAP).
Creating Harmony Between Generations at Work (Optum) - Today’s workplace dynamics are rapidly changing. It’s possible for one workplace to have four different generations on the same team sharing the same space. Because different generations bring their own values, rules and styles, that can sometimes lead to conflict or unproductive competition. This program can help participants understand generational differences and get tips for creating a harmonious work environment. Optum Global Training Catalog
Customer Service in a Compliance Environment (LTD) - The definition of customer service is not the same for every department or agency. In various State of Ohio environments, some positions must navigate enforcing the law with people who potentially shout, make threats, cry, or become angry with us for the information we deliver. If you have reached the end of your rope trying to come up with new ways to satisfy customers and cope with these tough situations, attend this course to obtain practical tools to provide great customer service in a compliance environment.
Customer Service: Taking C.A.R.E. of Ohio (LTD) - This course has been redesigned to assist state of Ohio employees in developing a deeper understanding of customer service excellence. You will gain knowledge on how to improve your effectiveness when delivering service to customers. Also, you will explore various tools and techniques to become more efficient in your daily interactions with customers.
Dealing with Grief and Loss (Optum) - Making intimate relationships work is a far more difficult task than we generally recognize. In this session, we will look at the key ingredients to building good relationships, overcoming blockages to effective communication and ways to manage and nurture relationships in our busy lives. Optum Global Training Catalog
Disciplinary Principles (OCB) - This course is an overview of the principles of discipline and outlines leadership’s role in addressing types of discipline.
Diversity Training on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (EOD) - A conversation about what the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” mean and how the terms apply to everyone.
Drug-Free Workplace (OCB) - Overview of Federal and State drug and alcohol policies and procedures. The Ohio Employee Assistance Program (OEAP) program also is covered.
EAP Awareness (OEAP) - This session is designed to make employees aware of the Ohio Employee Assistance Program (OEAP) benefits and services available to them and their families.
Equal Employment Opportunity 101 (EOD) - An interactive, participative instructional session on the basics of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO).
Five Steps to Healthier Eating (Optum) - Offering a non-diet approach, this program helps make it easy to make healthier food choices. Following a fivestep process, participants will learn about reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight. Optum Global Training Catalog
Getting on the Same Page (For Supervisors and Union Representatives) (OEAP) - This contractually-mandated course (Article 20.03 SEIU 1199 and Article 9 OCSEA) will teach supervisors and union representatives how to refer employees to the Ohio Employee Assistance Program (OEAP) and includes information about the importance of early intervention. The OEAP Participation Agreement and other services are discussed in this training.
Holding Difficult and Effective Conversations (LTD) - Communication skills are some of the most important skills you can develop. It is not just what you say, but how you say it that can make a difference. Difficult conversations become easier when you use effective techniques. It takes practice to make sure you are communicating the proper information and in a way that is fully understood. It is important that you say what you mean and mean what you say. You will have an opportunity to practice holding effective conversations.
How to Create a Healthy Workplace (Optum) - “How to Create a Healthy Workplace” empowers employees to take action. This session will share how to focus on the positive while using respectful communication, employing problem-solving skills, valuing differences and actually having fun. Participants will work in teams to develop workplace plans to apply to their individual situations. Optum Global Training Catalog
How to Create Passion and Motivation in the Workplace (Optum) - A thought-provoking program designed to encourage participants to energize themselves, content covers creating a productive work environment and self-motivation. The value of goal-setting and achievement also is discussed. Optum Global Training Catalog
How to Improve Communication Skills (Optum) - Communication is at the heart of professional and personal interactions. Depending on skill level, the way we communicate can open doors to productive relationships, a good working climate and opportunities. But lack of solid skills can close doors. This session offers participants a chance to apply skills that are critical to good communication. Participants will learn about factors that positively influence communication, as well as those that may create barriers. Optum Global Training Catalog
How to Understand Nonverbal Communication (Optum) - We use facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, proximity, paralanguage, and touch to interpret the messages received from others, whether we use words or not. This session will explore the power of nonverbal communication, examining the congruency factor, opportunities to make interpretations, and also discussing caveats when interpreting nonverbal communication. Optum Global Training Catalog
Implicit Bias (EOD) - This course will define implicit bias, demonstrate how we all have bias, and how to overcome our bias.
Instructional Skills Training for New Trainers (LTD) - The intent of this course is to provide new State of Ohio trainers and subject matter experts with foundational knowledge and skills in the area of training that can be demonstrated in any training environment on the job. This course is a product of the Talent Development Community.
Is Supervising for Me? (LTD) - Have you thought about taking a position as a supervisor? Are you curious to see whether supervising would be suitable for you? When employees understand the skill that it takes to be a great supervisor, they can prepare themselves for this important role. This interactive course will help you to discover if supervising is a good career fit for you.
Labor Management Committees (OCB) - This course provides an overview of labor/management committees and how they promote a climate of constructive employee/employer relations.
LEAN Ohio - Kaizen Event - At the LeanOhio Program Office, we help agencies get significant results by putting Kaizen and other Lean tools to work. We'll be happy to team up with you and your agency -- whether you're seeking a quick introductory overview to Lean and Kaizen, or a full-scale Kaizen event to overhaul a core process, or something in between. About Lean Ohio.
Life Matters: Suicide Awareness (OEAP) - This course provides an overview of the warning signs, risk factors and impact of suicide as well as resources and tools for individuals and families to prevent suicide.
Maintaining Balance in Life (Optum) - A life that’s out-of-balance can cause high levels of stress. Participants will have an opportunity to learn methods of using available resources to meet their individual needs. Participants will learn stress management techniques and take home a variety of tools for addressing stress. Optum Global Training Catalog
Making the Most of Your Work Day (Optum) - If there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done at work and at home, then this is a session for you. Are you always rushing to meet deadlines? Are you constantly wondering how some people make it look so easy while remaining on the ball and relaxed? The good news is that this session can help you take more control by teaching you some easy time management skills. You will be given the knowledge and tools to plan how you can change your ‘use of time’ on a daily basis. Optum Global Training Catalog
Managing Your Time (LTD) - The time management course provides an opportunity to assess your current use of time and identify areas for improvement. You will become more aware of your time management behaviors and develop skills to enhance time management.
Mediation (OCB) - Explains the purpose and contractual guidelines of the mediation process, how to prepare for a mediation, and how to write an effective settlement.
Mindfulness (Optum) - Mindfulness is one of the most researched and clinically evidenced tools for building a happier and healthier life. Through mindfulness we can learn how to live a more balanced life; one that is in tune with our deepest values and results in a sense of peace. This session is a short introduction to a practice that can be woven into everyday life and demonstrates how mindfulness comes from learning to live with a greater intensity, richness and fulfilment. Optum Global Training Catalog
New EEO Officer Training: Understanding Equal Employment
Opportunity Law, Policies, Complaint System and Investigation (EOD)
- This refresher course is for new and experienced EEO Officers. This course will bring participants up to date on current policies and best practices noted from across the enterprise and is a networking opportunity for the sharing of knowledge.
Non-Selection (OCB) - This course provides an overview of the selection process, classification changes, and working out of class.
Non-Traditional Arbitration (OCB) - Includes the contractual background and requirements of non-traditional arbitration (NTA).
Position Description Writing (OTM) - This course offers an overview of best practices when developing position descriptions. Join us as we discuss how to structure job duties, task statements, related laws, minimum qualifications and more.
Pre-Disciplinary Meeting Officer (OCB) - This session covers the legal background, contractual requirements, and process of pre-disciplinary meetings.
Preventing Burnout (Optum) - Today, work/life balance can be difficult, and many people feel pressured to work faster, harder and longer hours. This can lead to burnout, resulting in decreased productivity and dissatisfaction, among other things. Attendees will examine causes of burnout and potential solutions along with ideas to decrease the likelihood of experiencing burnout. Optum Global Training Catalog
Promoting Humor at Work (LTD) - It is important that you learn to balance life’s stressors. This course looks at promoting humor in the workplace and how it contributes to creativity, problem solving, healthy relationships, and communications.
Reduction in Workforce (OCB) - This course covers the statutory and contractual requirements for layoffs and other reductions in the workforce.
Resolving Conflict in the Workplace (LTD) - Conflict is a normal part of life that most of us try to avoid. But resolving conflict (or attempting to) can produce positive outcomes, especially when done strategically. This session provides techniques and strategies focused on compromise, listening, accepting responsibility and knowing your conflict management style.
See the Signs/Speak Out: Critical Conversations on Domestic Violence (OEAP) - This course focuses primarily on how to intervene safely as a bystander to prevent domestic violence and includes some content on how to respond when an employee or co-worker is affected by family violence.
Sexual Harassment (EOD) - Would you like the answers to questions such as: What is sexual harassment? Who determines if someone has been harassed? What should you do if you feel you have been harassed? Are they just being “too sensitive”? This course will answer these questions and more.
Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention for Management (EOD) - This course is important to ensure the State of Ohio remains a diverse, inclusive, and equal opportunity employer that promotes safe and discrimination-free work environments.
Stress: Putting it to Rest (OEAP) - Stress can trigger anxiety and depression, or it can motivate and inspire. This course examines the positives and negatives of stress, along with suggestions for controlling worry, frustration, inaction, compulsiveness, irrational thinking and failure.
Substance Abuse 101 (OEAP) - This course is a basic overview of the common drugs of abuse, the continuum of substance use-addiction. It will also look at how substance abuse impacts the workplace and what interventions are available.
Teen Dating Abuse (OEAP) - This course will cover the dynamics of teen relationship abuse, particularly warning signs for abused and abusive teens. Because technology is an important aspect of teen dating relationships, participants will explore popular social media applications and websites frequented by teens that can be used as a tool of power and control as well as prevention. Participants will learn how to appropriately respond, empower teens to make healthy relationship choices, and provide local and national resources to teens.

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