State Employee Trend Reports

Trend Reports provide a snapshot of State of Ohio employee counts every month.  You'll be able to view the employee counts per agency, collective bargaining status, and see how many full-time, part-time and temporary workers the agency employees.

Because of seasonal work, the best indicator of  the State of Ohio's hiring trends is to compare like months from one year to the next.  Because of this, you'll find below four years of detailed snapshots of the state workforce.

Select a month below to download the information from that month!

2017  2018 2019    
January January January    
February February February    
March March March    
April April  April    
May May May    
June June June    
July July July    
August August August    
September September September    
October October October    
November November November    
December December December    


2012 2013 2014  2015 2016                    
January  January January January January
February February  February February February
March March  March March March
April  April April April April
May  May May May May
June  June June June June
July   July July July July
August  August August August August
September     September September September September
October October October October October
November November November November November
December December


December December


2007 2008 2009 2010  2011
January (not available) January  January  January  January
February  February February  February  February
March  March March  March  March
April  April April  April  April
May  May  May   May  May 
June  June  June  June  June 
July  July   July  July  July 
August  August   August  August  August 
September   September     September     September  September  
October  October  October  October  October
November  November  November November  November 
December  December  December December  December 

To see a comparison of the State of Ohio employee count from 1983-2015, click the below link. This will provide the employee counts from December of each year on a single page.

1983-2017 State of Ohio Employee Count                            

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