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Ohio EAP Participation Agreement
Program Overview

Although referrals to the revised Ohio Employee Assistance Program (Ohio EAP) are often more effective when discipline is not involved, it is sometimes necessary for discipline and the Ohio EAP involvement to occur simultaneously. This may happen even after a supervisor or union representative has repeatedly suggested the Ohio EAP to a troubled employee through non-disciplinary situations.The employee may have repeatedly rejected the suggestion and not remedied the job performance deficiency. When the employee reaches an advanced level of discipline, (i.e., suspension or termination), either the employee or union representative may request that the employee and the agency enter into an Ohio EAP Participation Agreement.

The Ohio EAP Participation Agreement is an agreement that states the work rule violation and the period of time the Agreement will be in effect (minimum duration of 180 calendar days, maximum of 730 calendar days). It conveys to the Ohio EAP the authority to develop a plan, agreed upon by the employee, to ensure the employee’s participation in a recognized program of treatment as developed by a treatment provider. During the term of this Agreement, the employee agrees to refrain from further work rule violations and to comply with the terms of the Agreement.

During the period of the Agreement, management agrees to delay the contemplated discipline until the employee has an opportunity to fulfill the terms of the treatment plan. Upon successful completion of the program, management will give serious consideration to modifying the contemplated disciplinary action. 

The OEAP agrees to serve as the program monitor to ensure the employee meets all the terms of the treatment portion of the Agreement while management monitors the job performance aspects of the Agreement. Additionally, the OEAP will communicate to the agreed-upon departmental or agency contact either the compliance or noncompliance of the employee with the terms of the agreement. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the treatment involved, management will not be informed of any specific details of the treatment, only the fact of compliance or noncompliance.

Involvement in an Ohio EAP Participation Agreement cannot and should not be used as a protection for inappropriate behavior. If the employee violates the terms of the Agreement or is found to be in noncompliance, then management has every right to carry out the discipline as originally contemplated.

For questions or concerns about the revised Participation Agreement process, contact the Ohio EAP at 1-800-221-6327.

Please click on the following links to access the required forms as well as understand the responsibilities of the manager, employee and union representative:

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