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Ohio Employee Assistance Program In-Person Trainings

Due to COVID-19 and Governor DeWine's Exective Order to work from home,
Ohio EAP in-person trainings are not currently being offered. 


Ohio Employee Assistance Program

The Ohio Employee Assistance Program (Ohio EAP) is an intake, information, counseling referral and support service for state employees and their family members. The Ohio EAP is designed to help employees, managers and agencies meet the many life challenges while remaining healthy, engaged and productive. For instance, the Ohio EAP can assist employees in coping with personal problems such as family and parenting issues, alcohol, substance use and emotional concerns (e.g., anxiety, anger, grief or depression), as well as provide referral information when an employee may be experiencing legal and financial difficulties. Personal problems can affect your health and well-being as well as your job performance. The Ohio EAP is available to assist in resolving these problems. Unresolved problems could result in health problems, family disruption, job loss or even death.

The Ohio EAP also assist managers and supervisors, unions and veterans with various services and support resources.

Making the Initial Contact

When a person contacts the Ohio EAP, the initial contact does not commit the caller to do anything. The caller may contact the Ohio EAP as often as needed. A concerned co-worker, supervisor, or union representative may also contact Ohio EAP regarding an employee or other individual who may need assistance from the Ohio EAP. An Ohio EAP consultant will not contact the person but will assist the caller regarding how to motivate or encourage the person in need to initiate contact with the Ohio EAP. Ohio EAP consultants are prohibited from initiating contact with an employee who has not personally requested services. However, with the consent/authorization of the employee, the supervisor, manager or union representative may call the Ohio EAP and provide background information.

Ohio EAP Intake and Consultation Process

When a person contacts the Ohio EAP, the EAP consultant will perform the following intake functions:

  1. Make every effort to understand the full scope of the problem identified and any other contributing factors that may be helpful.

  2. Determine the impact or severity of the issue involving the person's life as well as their job performance.

  3. Ask questions to determine if the person is in immediate crisis (life threatening) and if the person’s job is at risk of termination.

  4. Provide support, understanding and encouragement to individuals calling.

Keep in mind, the caller is not required to continue with any recommendation offered by an EAP consultant. For more information about the services the Ohio EAP provides, contact the Ohio EAP at 1-800-221-6327 or learn more about the Ohio EAP here.