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State Surplus Property Program


Program Synopsis

The State Surplus Property Program receives excess property from state agencies and sells the property to eligible recipients. Property not disposed of in this manner is sold to the general public at auction. Surplus vehicles are stored at the surplus vehicle lot and surplus property is stored in the warehouse at 4200 Surface Road in Columbus. Some property is disposed of on-site when permission is granted.


The following organizations are eligible to purchase surplus property: (1) state agencies; (2) state-supported or state-assisted institutions of higher education; (3) tax-supported agencies, municipal corporations or other political subdivisions of the state, private fire companies, or private, nonprofit emergency medical service organizations; (4) nonpublic elementary and secondary schools chartered by the State Board of Education; and (5) eligible nonprofit organizations.

Program Benefits

The program provides a source of supply at prices considerably below what is available from other vendors. Vehicles are sold at 45% of NADA retail value, while other property is generally priced well below original acquisition price.

How to Get Started

To register, complete an online application by clicking here https://ohio-das.force.com/surplus/s/. All organizations eligible for the State Surplus Program are also eligible for the Federal Surplus Program; you concurrently apply for the Federal Program when applying for the State Program. After registration is complete, visit the Surplus Warehouse or Vehicle Lot to make purchases. Hours of operation are 8 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday; no appointment necessary. No sales are conducted one week prior to public auction.

Program Highlights

All purchases must be made with an organization’s check or an Intrastate Transfer Voucher (ISTV). No other form of payment, including cash, is accepted. Make checks payable to “Treasurer, State of Ohio.” You will be billed within two weeks of purchase, payment is expected within 30 days. Vehicle titles are not transferred until full payment is received. Due to rapid inventory turnover, an itemized inventory list is not published. State Surplus Property is available to the general public at auction only. No prior sales to individuals are permitted.