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Federal Surplus Program

NOTE: Federal Surplus property is not available to the general public.

Program Synopsis

The federal government makes federal surplus property available to the states after it remains unclaimed by federal agencies and other organizations The property is usually made available at military installations. Ohio has a "screener" who inspects the property available to Ohio. After acquiring federal surplus property, the state transfers it to eligible customers (i.e. "donees") for a service fee.

To learn more about the federal surplus program, please visit the United States General Services Administration's (GSA) GSAXcess webpage.


Those eligible to receive property through the program are state agencies and organizations, state-assisted or state-supported schools, all political subdivisions of the state, and non-profit organizations involved in health, education, or human services which meet the eligibility requirements set by the federal government.

Program Benefits

The program can provide a source of supply at prices which are considerably below what is available from other sources. The service fee generally is about one half to two thirds of the actual value of the property.

How To Get Started

Eligible organizations must complete and submit an online application and be "approved" for the program. Click link for application https://ohio-das.force.com/surplus/s/. After being approved, donees acquire property by: (1) "shopping" in the federal section of the warehouse; (2) submitting a "want list" to the agency; or (3) accompanying the screener on his trips to inspect property (this option is used sparingly due to time, space, and other restrictions).

Program Highlights

The program focuses mainly on large items such as vehicles, generators, compressors, machinery and the like. Donees are responsible for transporting the property from the military installation once they acquire it. Once acquired, surplus federal property must be put into use within one year and then used for at least one or more years depending on the type of property. The state conducts random compliance checks within the period of restriction to insure the property is still present and is being used properly. After the period of restrictions, ownership of the property reverts to the organization.

All purchases must be made by organization check. No other type of payment, including cash, is acceptable. We invoice at the time of purchase.