Commercial Procurement


State Printing and Mail Services’ Commercial Procurement is ready to serve all agencies with their commercial print purchasing needs. Our staff is knowledgeable of industry printer capacity which facilitates and expedites the process of print production and distribution of agency projects. 
Commercial Procurement also has established cost effective term contracts. The term contracts guarantee the best value available for paper, printing and print related services. Please call Commercial Procurement in the early stages of planning for cost savings ideas and to consider the advantages and guidelines of the contacts when designing your print project.
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Customer Service
General Information

4200 Surface Road

Columbus, Ohio 43228

James Hoover, Print Procurement Manager

Phone: 614-752-5170

Fax: 614-644-5799

Lynn Allen, Purchasing Standards Analyst

Phone: 614-466-0389

Fax: 614-644-5799

                         , Purchasing Standards Analyst

Phone:  614-387-0012

Fax:  614-644-5799

Mike Ruehrmund, Purchasing Standards Analyst

Phone: 614-752-0060

Fax: 614-644-5799


Tim Riley, Purchasing Standards Analyst

Phone: 614-995-5268

Fax: 614-644-5799

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