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The Office of Risk Management (ORM) provides comprehensive risk management programs and services to all state agencies, boards, and commissions, as well as the Judicial and Legislative branches of state government. Pursuant to ORC Sections 9.82 – 9.83, the Office of Risk Management is responsible for the administration of self-insurance and private insurance programs protecting the assets and liabilities of the State of Ohio, its agencies, officials, and employees.



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Enterprise Programs


Tort Self-Insurance Program: The tort self-insurance program provides coverage for judgments or settlements rendered for non-vehicle liability claims in the jurisdiction of the Ohio Court of Claims. The program provides a policy limit of $2,000,000 per claim. ORM staff will investigate and attempt to compromise non-complex claims and will issue a Right to Sue letter for high value and complex claims, which will be handled in coordination with the Attorney General Court of Claims Defense Section and agency legal counsel. 


Self-Insured Vehicle Liability Program: Provides third party liability for damage or injury resulting from the operation of a state-owned vehicle by a state employee in the course of state business. Coverage is mandatory and applies to any state-owned motorized “vehicle”; including on-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, mobile equipment and watercraft. Non-owned, borrowed, rented or leased vehicles and motorized equipment must be endorsed for coverage to apply. Endorsements for non-state employee drivers and non-owned or leased vehicles and equipment can be requested via the Risk Management Portal.    Vehicle Liability Rates by Agency and Vehicle Type


Auto Physical Damage: Provides commercial insurance for comprehensive (e.g. fire, theft, vandalism, hail) and collision (e.g. collision with another vehicle or object, vehicle upset/overturn) for scheduled state-owned vehicles. Monthly reporting of newly acquired vehicles to be insured is required.  See the Auto Physical Damage page for more detailed information.

Judges’ Self-Insured Professional Liability: Provides professional liability and employment practices liability coverage to all Ohio judges acting in their personal/individual capacity and provides contingent coverage for disciplinary related claims. The program also provides a hotline that allows for confidential discussion of any matter of concern with defense counsel prior to a claim being made.  Terms and Conditions


Motorcycle Ohio Rider Education Program: Provides self-insured professional, general and vehicle liability coverage for rider education programs, for claims proximately caused by negligence, error or omission by the State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety or Motorcycle Ohio employees. Grantees and personally contracted instructors must otherwise, pursuant to their contracts, hold harmless and indemnify the State.


Aviation Liability & Hull:  All state-owned manned and unmanned aircraft are covered under a commercial aviation policy. Flights and pilots must meet all FAA regulations. Liability is mandatory and covers third parties only. Additionally, hull and equipment coverage is an available option.  Agencies should contact the ORM for liability and hull coverage on Aircraft, UAVs, and Aerostats.


Property Insurance: Commercially insured program providing all-risk replacement cost insurance for state-owned buildings, contents and equipment, including boiler & machinery, earthquake, flood and terrorism coverage. The program currently insures over $9.3 billion in values. Coverage is mandatory for all state owned buildings. Agencies are required to submit an updated statement of values annually.    


Fine Arts: Commercially insured enterprise fine arts policy available to any state entity, excluding state colleges and universities. The current total insured value is $50 million for owned and loaned art, historical documents and artifacts. 


Blanket Crime and Bond: Commercially insured enterprise employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty for all state employees and elected/appointed officials. Coverage is mandatory for all state entities, excluding state colleges and universities. Agencies have the option of purchasing excess employee dishonesty as well as additional crime coverages such as inside/outside premises burglary/robbery, mysterious disappearance, forgery and alteration. A scheduled position public official bond has also been placed to meet the statutory bonding requirements of appointed officials and the Governor’s Cabinet.



Other Insurance Options


In addition to the enterprise programs listed above, state entities with unique exposures or contractual/statutory insurance requirements may contact the Office of Risk Management. If it is determined that commercial insurance is appropriate, coverage will be placed specifically for that entity through the State’s broker of record. Current coverage types include:


Fiduciary Liability

BWC Board of Directors_Primary Policy

BWC Board of Directors_Excess Policy


Police Professional Liability

Taxation Policy


Student Accident

Ohio School for the Deaf Policy

Ohio School for the Blind Policy


Marine (hull only – liability is covered under the self-insured vehicle liability program)


Inland Marine



Additional Services and Responsibilities


In addition to the administration of self-insurance programs and the procurement of commercial insurance and bonds, the ORM is responsible for and provides the following services to state entities:

  •  Investigation, negotiation, and settlement of claims covered under self-insured programs
  •  Subrogation for damage to state vehicles and property by third parties
  • Claims management and negotiation for losses covered under commercial insurance policies
  •  Review of contract language pertaining to insurance and indemnification
  • Coordination of loss control inspections and training
  • Statistical reports, either enterprise or by agency, such as loss runs, causation trends and total incurred values 
  • Procure/renew commercial insurance with terms and conditions that most effectively protect the State of Ohio
  • Risk assessment
  • Mitigation
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Endorsements for non-owned vehicles or equipment and for non-state employees driving state vehicles
  • Underwriting
  • Assistance determining replacement cost values for real property
  • Assisting agencies in identifying high risk drivers to ensure the safety of the motoring public