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Planning and Design

The DAS Planning and Design Unit designs cost-effective, efficient interior office environments based on organizational needs.

Submitting Requests

  1. Identify the building and floor where the work is to be done.
  2. Include a complete description of the work being requested.
  3. Include a floor plan with the area of work (if available).
  4. Write a brief description of your project goals.
  5. Provide your phone/fax numbers and email address or that of an identified contact person (if other than the housing coordinator).
  6. Email, fax or mail requests to DAS Planning and Design.

Information Gathering Phase

Survey Forms - forms to be completed and returned by the agency

Furniture/Equipment Inventory - agency provides a list of all furniture, equipment and filing per person

Table of Organization - agency breakdown of the agency staff showing position and relationship

Area Survey - DAS Planning and Design staff surveys existing space before, during, and after the project

The above information is needed by the design specialist to understand all present and future office needs. A meeting will be scheduled with the agency contact to discuss the short- and long-term goals of the project.

Design Phase

  • Programming is prepared from the data collected in the information gathering phase in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • This information is forwarded to the agency contact for review and approval.
  • Space planning proposals are prepared for office and modular furniture layouts.

The proposals are reviewed and revised as needed and approved by the agency contact.

Other processes happening simultaneously:

  • Finish and color selection research
  • Modular furniture specification and review
  • Consultation/liaison services for agency and vendor/contractor

Performance Drawing Phase

These plans comprise the performance drawing package as necessary: 

  • Demolition Plan
  • Construction Plan
  • Electric and Telephone Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan

These performance drawings are produced from the final proposal signed and approved by the agency during the design phase. Review is also completed for code compliance and building permits as needed.

The performance drawing package is forwarded to the agency contact for review and approval. This communication verifies that the plans are final and will be forwarded to the facility manager for an estimate.

Any changes beyond this point will require a change order, which requires new drawings, code compliance review and approvals.

Estimates and Purchase Orders

The approved performance drawing package and the tracking form are routed by the DAS Planning and Design team to:

  1. Facility manager to estimate cost of materials and labor.
  2. Facility manager's estimate is routed to DAS Planning and Design.
  3. Estimate is then forwarded to the agency from DAS Planning and Design for agency review.
  4. If the agency agrees to the cost estimate, a purchase order is issued by the agency to DAS Office of Properties and Facilities or the appropriate building management. Next, a copy of the purchase order and the signed tracking form is forwarded to DAS Planning and Design. This indicates that DAS Planning and Design will proceed with the project. If the agency does not want to proceed, then the tracking sheet should be returned to DAS Planning and Design canceling the project.
  5. The purchase order copy will then be forwarded to the facility manager from DAS Planning and Design authorizing the work to be scheduled.
  6. The facility manager will then notify the agency of the construction starting date and schedule the pre-construction meetings as needed.

General Contact

Office of Real Estate and Planning
Marcey Earley-Jeter, Administrator

4200 Surface Rd
Columbus, Ohio 43228-1395

Phone: 614-466-7319
Email: marcey.earley@das.state.oh.us

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