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Properties and Facilities

The Office of Properties and Facilities preserves and maintains the State of Ohio’s substantial investment in real properties managed by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS). The Office of Properties and Facilities provides professional facility management services that support state government objectives and promotes innovation, high productivity, efficiency, employee satisfaction and a good public image. The office provides comprehensive property management services to large-scale office buildings, and other facilities managed by DAS; including: building management, contract and inventory management, maintenance, security and janitorial services.

The Office of Properties and Facilities provides facility management and/or security services to the following buildings throughout Ohio:

•    25 S. Front St., Columbus
•    4200 Surface Road, Columbus
•    Frank J. Lausche State Office Building, 615 Superior Ave., Cleveland
•    James A. Rhodes State Office Tower, 30 E. Broad St., Columbus
•    North High Street Complex, 246 N. High St. and 35 E. Chestnut St., Columbus
•    Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden, 358 N. Parkview Ave., Bexley
•    Oliver R. Ocasek Government Office Building, 161 S. High St., Akron
•    State of Ohio Computer Center
•    Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts, 77 S. High St., Columbus


Leadership Team

Peter A.J. Gunnell
State Chief Facilities Officer
614-752-0455 Direct
614-625-3159 Mobile


Ryan J. Dalton
Capital Projects Manager
614-466-1268 Direct
614-496-6649 Mobile


Benjamin Casuccio
DAS Security Administrator
614-466-5528 Direct
614-381-5879 Mobile


Shelby Banton
Support Services Manager
614-728-2492 Direct
614-512-2242 Mobile

Riffe Center for Government and the
Arts & The Governor's Residence
Brian K. Hammen

Senior Facilities Manager
614-644-9854 Direct
614-554-9408 Mobile  

Rhodes State Office Tower
Dianne Tredway

Facility Manager
614-995-7751 Direct
614-204-8665 Mobile


State of Ohio Computer Center
Ben Jordan-Downs
Facility Manager
614-644-7669 Direct
614-425-3226 Mobile



North High Street Complex
Keith Ciotti
Facilities Manager
614-995-1477 Direct
614-493-7130 Mobile


25 S. Front Street
Noel Rozelle
Facility Manager
614-387-0300 Direct
614-493-6892 Mobile

  4200 Surface Road
Angela McIntosh
Facility Manager
614-752-2274 Direct
614-403-8912 Mobile

Ocasek Government Office Bldg.
Timothy Davis
Facilities Manager
330-643-1790 Direct
614-306-3307 Mobile



Lausche State Office Bldg.
Christopher Camak
Facility Manager
216-787-3845 Direct
614-623-5404 Mobile







General Contact

Office of Properties and Facilities
Customer Support
4200 Surface Road
Columbus, Ohio 43228


4200 Surface Road (Columbus)

Lausche Building (Cleveland)

North High Street Complex (Columbus)

Ocasek Building (Akron)

25 S. Front Street (Columbus)

Ohio Governor's Residence and Heritage Garden

Rhodes Tower (Columbus)

Riffe Center (Columbus)

State of Ohio Computer Center (Columbus)