The State of Ohio's eProcurement project will fundamentally change how the State purchases goods and services by transforming procurement processes, policies, and contacts through the implementation of an innovative, proven, and secure cloud-based solution.

Strategic Goals and Benefits


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 eProcurement and eMarketplace for Agencies

eProcurement provides the primary platform for agency employees to perform procurement activities.


eMarketplace provides an online shopping platform for State users to purchase goods and services provided by supplier partners.

Getting Started with eProcurement

Welcome to Ohio eProcurement! 

Follow the 3 steps below to register and learn more about Ohio eProcurement. 

1. If you are part of our 12 Early Adopter Agencies in 2019, please contact your Agency Administrator for the New User form. 

2. In addition, view our informative videos to learn more about Ohio eProcurement. Please direct any questions to your Agency Administrator. 

  • If you encounter technical difficulties, navigate to the 'Get Help' section below to get more information on how to report an issue.

3. Once you are confirmed as a registered Ohio eProcurement user, please visit MyLearning on MyOhio to take and receive credit for eProcurement Training. 

  • Navigate to the 'Training' tab above to access training materials.

Existing Users

Welcome eProcurement Users

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, the eProcurement Solution supports Pcard users and their purchases. Additional procurement functionality will be integrated into the solution in future releases. 

1. View informative videos to become familiar with the eProcurement Solution. If you have questions, please contact your eProcurement Agency Administrator. 

2. The best way to ensure you are ready to use the eProcurement Solution is to take training courses and refer to corresponding Job Aids.

3. If you have assistance with eProcurement, please contact the Ohio SharedServices Help Desk via the contact information listed below:

  • Email at (Please copy your Agency Administrator) 
  • Phone at 614-338-4781 or 1-877-OHIOSS1 (1-877-644-6771) 


Find Your Agency Administrator

eProcurement Agency Administrators

The eProcurement Agency Administrators are here to help you each step of the way. 

Agency Administrators can guide you through how to find answers to common questions about the eProcurement Solution and offer assistance on how to get help when you need it. 

Please review the table below to find the Administrator(s) for your Early Adopter Agency.

Early Adopter Agency Administrators:

Agency Name Office Phone Email
BWC Tonya Briggs 614-369-3779
COM Joy McKee 614-644-2005
DAS-CSA Anni Efthimiou 614-644-1724
DMHAS Scott Ferguson 614-752-9340
DOH Alice Ewing 614-995-7514
DOI (INS) Jianming Xia 614-644-3263
DOT Brian Church 614-466-7395
DPS Kelli Whalen 614-466-1529
DRC Danny Yates 614-752-1060
DYS Steve Hrinko 614-466-7225
LOT Doug Machles 216-774-5778
OBM Alina Gage 614-466-5023



eProcurement Training 

There are several training modules designed specifically for your role to help get you up to speed. 

Visit the Training tab above to access training materials.

Video Demonstrations

eProcurement Video Demos

The links below provide short video demonstrations regarding the new eProcurement solution. 

Video Link Title Description

Ohio's eProcurement Journey

This video provides an end-to-end overview of Ohio's eProcurement journey. Watch this video to learn more about the journey and how it will benefit you.

General Navigation Demo

This video is intended for any user to become better acquainted with navigating the eProcurement solution.

Submitting a Pcard Purchase Demo

This video is intended for users who purchase goods and services with a Pcard in eProcurement.

Contract Shell Creation Demo 

This video is intended for DAS Procurement users creating shell contracts within the eProcurement solution.  

Visit the Training tab above to access training material.

eProcurement Helpful Hints

eProcurement Helpful Hints

Still having trouble after training? Don't have time to watch a full video demo? Navigate to the Helpful Hints tab you may find a helpful hint for your problem. 

Visit the Training tab above to access training material.

Project Team Contacts

Project Team Contacts

Agency  Name Role Office Phone Email
DAS (State) Kyle Bailey Business Analyst: Non-IT Procurement 614.387.0211
DAS (Contractor) Rod Barnaby Project Manager 614.270.8228
DAS (Contractor) Julia Beegle OCM Practitioner 248.252.5498
DAS (State) Sarah Branson Training Officer 614.752.9782
DAS (State) John Bregel Data Conversion Lead 614.387.1204
DAS (State) Bridget Brubeck Finance Support/Steering Committee Member 614.466.6731
DAS (State) Andrew Cochran eProcurement Manager 614.644.5907
DAS (State) Remard Colston OAKS Project Lead 614.387.0791
DAS (Contractor) Karrie Converse-Jones OCM Lead 614.562.7825
DAS (Contractor) Velissa Davis eProcurement Lead 216.403.5822
DAS (State) Eric Glenn Business Owner: IT Contracts 614.466.2634
DAS (State) Tim Gobble Functional Lead 614.728.7693
DAS (Contractor) Aja Henderson OCM Practitioner 216.469.0320
DAS (State) Sandy Herrel Business Owner: Non-IT Contracts 614.466.4768
DAS (State) Krista Holcombe Functional Team: System 614.728.4311
DAS (State) Kellie Johnson Business Lead: Non-IT Procurement 614.466.2282
DAS (Contractor) Maria Johnson Business Analyst: IT Procurement 614.466.7620
DAS (State) Nick Krafft Functional Team: Catalogs 614.728.0681
DAS (Contractor) Molly McCullough OCM Practitioner 740.274.1731
DAS (State) Michael Namboya Functional Team: System 614.728.7689
DAS (State) Jay Orme Test Lead 614.728.0179
DAS (State) Dan Orr BI Analytics and Reporting 614.728.4701
DAS (Contractor) Margaret Owens Business Lead: IT Procurement 614.530.9656
DAS (State) Valerie Piccininni Contract Manager 614.466.6018
DAS (State) Teri Purr Administrative Professional 614.466.5108
DAS (State) Kelly Sanders Executive Sponsor 614.752.5259
DAS (State) Dante Talley Functional Team: Catalogs 614.728.8486
DAS (State) Steve Theobald Development and Integration PM 614.387.5447
DAS (State) James Yagodich Training Lead 614.728.0684


Get Help

Help Desk Support 

Issue identification and resolution is important to the eProcurement team. 

Please report issues to the Ohio Shared Services Help Desk via the contact information listed below:

  • Email at (please copy your Agency Administrator)
  • Phone at 614-338-4781 or 1-877-OHIOSS1 (1-877-644-6771)

eProcurement and eMarketplace for Suppliers

eProcurement provides the primary platform for Supplier partners to engage in procurement activities with the State of Ohio. 


eMarketplace provides an online shopping platform for State users to purchase goods and services provided by supplier partners.


SUPPLIERS: Supplier-Managed Catalog Template | Punchout Details Spreadsheet

Supplier Announcements

Supplier Announcements

Supplier Partners for Summer 2019 Release | March 2019

We are excited to get started on the work to prepare your online catalog for the Ohio eMarketplace. The first thing we need to know is the type of catalog your company will provide. There are two types of catalogs to choose from: punchout or hosted. 


Punchout and Hosted Catalog Options

punchout catalog is a catalog available on an electronic commerce website that is maintained by the supplier. In this case, these catalogs rely upon a series of cXML documents exchanged simultaneously between Ohio eProcurement and the supplier’s punchout-enabled system.


Shoppers utilize a punch-out catalog by leaving the Ohio eMarketplace and “punching out” to the supplier’s website, choose which items are needed, and then return or “punch back” into eMarketplace to complete the requisition and ordering process.


hosted catalog (in Excel spreadsheet format) is uploaded by suppliers into Ohio eProcurement and maintained by the State and the supplier. Shoppers access a hosted catalog in the Ohio eMarketplace, add items to their cart, and complete the requisition and ordering process. Once you identify the type of catalog you will be using, please follow the instructions below for either Punchout or Hosted catalogs.

Punchout Catalog Setup 

To begin the punchout catalog setup process, please:

  1. Download and save the Punchout Details Spreadsheet.
  2. Complete the requested fields in the spreadsheet and reply to this email with the spreadsheet attached.

If you would like to discuss your company’s capability to provide a punchout catalog, please let me know and I will work with our catalog enablement team to arrange a call.


Hosted Catalog Setup

To begin the hosted catalog setup process, please complete these three steps:

  1. Download and save the Supplier-Managed Catalog Template spreadsheet. Follow the instructions provided on the Instructions tab to complete the spreadsheet. 
  2. Please provide a picture of each item that will be listed in your catalog, if you have them. Images should be:
    1. in a .jpg or .png format at a minimum resolution of 150 dots per inch (dpi);
    2. named with the item number they correspond to; 
    3. collected into one folder and saved as a .zip file (e.g.,; and
    4. in column J of the Catalog Template, list the name of each image associated with each item. 
  3. Please provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) if an item is hazardous. All MSDS files should be
  1. in a .pdf format;
  2. named with the item number they correspond to;
  3. collected into one folder and saved as a .zip file (e.g.,; and
  4. in column K of the Catalog Template, list the name of each MSDS sheet associated with each hazardous item.

Use the checklist below to verify you have completed all the steps.

Hosted Catalog Setup Checklist

  • Gathered all pictures into a zip file and noted each in the Catalog Template
  • Gathered all the MSDS sheets into a zip file and noted each in the Catalog Template
  • Ensured the rest of the Catalog Template is complete, especially the mandatory fields

Order Transmission Options

Lastly, regardless of the type of catalog you are using, please indicate your preferred method for receiving orders from Ohio eProcurement.  There are several options available:

  • Email
  • cXML
  • eFax
  • EDI

Next Steps

We are currently in the process of setting up your company with access to Ohio eProcurement, and you can expect to receive an email with instructions to complete the registration process.


Contact us:

As you get started, please do not hesitate to contact the State with any questions or concerns. Specific questions regarding the types of catalogs, catalog templates, and order transmission options can be directed to the catalog enablement team:


Welcome to eProcurement | December 2018

One of the strategic goals of this initiative is a business-friendly climate focused on optimizing the process of doing business with the State and improve access to opportunities for the State businesses. 

We anticipate that implementation of Ohio's eProcurement solution will deliver the following benefits:

  • Self-service capabilities
  • An online shopping environment for all State users
  • Online bidding and solicitation responses
  • Visibility into spend analytics and reports across the State

We achieved our first major milestone in December 2018 with the launch of the Ohio eMarketplace, a web-based shopping environment for selected agencies and procurement users to use their State-issued payment cards (Pcards) to purchase supplies and services. 

We are planning the next official release of eProcurement functionality. If you have a current contract with DAS we would like to invite you to join the eMarketplace by setting up your catalogs and preparing to transact in eProcurement upon go-live in August. You will receive more information from your Contract Analyst. 

To learn more about the complete eProcurement Supplier Journey, review our eProcurement Supplier Overview Fact Sheet.

Supplier Training Resources

Supplier Training Resources

The links below provide short video demonstrations for suppliers regarding the new eProcurement solution.

Video Link Title Description

Ohio's eProcurement Journey

This video provides an end to end overview of Ohio's eProcurement Journey. Watch this video to learn more about the journey and how the journey will benefit you!

Supplier General Navigation

This video is intended for any user to become better acquainted with navigating the eProcurement Solution.

Supplier Administrator

This video provides a demonstration of basic supplier administration activities.

Contact Us

Contact Us

The State of Ohio is eager to help you learn more about the new eProcurement solution. 

 eProcurement Training for Agencies and Suppliers

Training for eProcurement users is based on role and function in the eProcurement solution. 

Training methods include instructor-led training, web-based training, job-aids, and more. 


Agency Training 

Ensuring you feel prepared to navigate and use the eProcurement solution is a top priority. As a registered eProcurement user, you have access to take web-based training. To access training assigned to you, please visit your MyLearning profile on MyOhio to take eProcurement training. 

If you have received confirmation for registering for eProcurement and do not see your courses listed in your MyLearning profile, please contact the Ohio Shared Services help desk as follows:

Job Aids for Pcard Users


Supplier Training Videos

The links below provide short video demonstrations for suppliers to become familiar with the eProcurement solution. 

Video Link Title Description

Ohio's eProcurement Journey

This video provides an end to end overview of Ohio's eProcurement Journey. Watch this video to learn more about the journey and how the journey will benefit you!

Supplier General Navigation

This video is intended for any user to become better acquainted with navigating the eProcurement Solution.

Supplier Administrator

This video is intended for supplier administrators.

Supplier Job Aids

Supplier-specific job aids are listed below for existing suppliers. Click the link to view. 

eProcurement Platform Helpful Hints

The following handy hints will help you navigate the eProcurement platform. Organized by theme, select a section below to learn more. 

Print-friendly Helpful Hints Document:​​​​​​​ Helpful Hints

Functionality and Navigation Tips

Helpful Hints - Functionality and Navigation Tips Section - Print-friendly Helpful Hints Document: Helpful Hints

Ellipsis Functionality

For fields that have an ellipse (   ) and drop-down menu, you must click on the result you want to search for BEFORE clicking Search. If you type in a word (e.g., Allstate) and it appears in the drop-down and you click Search before selecting it from the drop-down menu then your search will not search your keyword.



Helpful Hints - Suppliers Section - Print-friendly Helpful Hints Document: Helpful Hints


Choosing a Supplier Contact

  1. Please note every line item on a requisition must have a Supplier Contact selected. When selecting a Supplier Contact you should select the individual who you would like to be notified of the order. If you do not know who should be selected for a particular item, review the Contacts tab of the associated contract for the item to see if a Supplier Contact is listed. If no Supplier Contact is listed, choose any of the listed contacts.

Assigning Supplier Contacts in Bulk

If you want to edit multiple line items at one time (e.g., mass add a supplier contact to multiple line items at once), complete the following:

    1. Click the Individual Checkbox Icon next to the individual line items to select multiple individual line items or click the Select All Checkbox Icon above the line items to mass edit all the line items and then click the Edit Lines button.

    1. To update the Supplier Contact, first select your Supplier from the Supplier Field and then choose the Supplier Contact from the associated drop-down menu.

    1. Click the Add Circle Icon or Replace Circle Icon for each of the fields you updated.
    2. Click Save & Close at the top of the pop-up to save your changes (e.g., add the Supplier Contact to each Supplier line that matches the selected Supplier).

Search Function

Helpful Hints - Search Functionality Section - Print-friendly Helpful Hints Document: Helpful Hints


Updating How Search Results are Displayed

  • Users can customize the way they view their search results on the search results page by right-clicking on a specific column header dragging/dropping it.
  • To change how the results are ordered on the results page, you can click on a Column Header (e.g., Price). For example, clicking on the Price column will shift display results by showing the most expensive Items first (descending) or least expensive Items first (ascending).
  • From the results page, users are also given the option to export their search results to an Excel spreadsheet by right-clicking on any column header and selecting Download in Excel format.

  • Clicking the Reset button at the top of the page clears your search terms and returns you to your original search page.

Reviewing Search Results

  • In determining the items to display first, Ohio eProcurement considers the following criteria:
    • If an item is connected to a Tag (i.e., M1, M2, M3, MBE).
    • When the item was created in Ohio eProcurement (e.g., an item created on January 5, 2019 will show up after an Item created on January 15, 2019).

Punchout Catalog Search Results

  • From the Browse Items page, the preferred and easiest method for finding a punch-out supplier is by first entering the name of your preferred supplier AND punchout in the Keyword field (e.g., “Grainger punchout”), clicking Search, and locating your desired supplier in the search results.


Creating Kits (i.e., a list of frequently ordered items):

You are able to save a list of frequently ordered items as a Kit within Ohio eProcurement. Creating a Kit will allow to quickly re-add these items to a new shopping cart at a future date. To create a Kit:

  • Add the items you would like to be included in the Kit to your shopping cart.
  • Click on the Shopping Cart icon on the top right hand side of the page:

  • Click the Favorite icon:

  • Enter a descriptive name for the Kit in the Label field. Click the Global checkbox if you would like this Kit to be accessible across your agency. If you indicate a Kit should be global, you will need to specify the organization and commodity related to the kit. Once you have made these updates, click Save & Close:

  • To find your Kit in the future, you will be able to search for it on the Browse Items page via the Kits field. Once you search for a particular Kit, the associated items will appear in the search results:


Adding an Attention To / Delivery Name to an Order

If you would like to add an attention to or delivery name to a particular Pcard order, you should specify this in the Comments to Supplier field that is on the Header of the requisition. Comments entered in this field will be shown to the associated supplier when the Pcard order is generated and will be captured on the PDF of the Pcard order:

eProcurement Solution Clarifications

Helpful Hints - eProcurement Solution Clarifications Section - Print-friendly Helpful Hints Document: Helpful Hints

  • All the catalogs that are in eMarketplace are fully loaded with all items referenced in their State contract. 
    • NOTE: GBEX has everything loaded per their State contract. If you can't find something that you think should be there:
      • It may not be on contract because it is a Requisite Program item
      • It may be a search issue. Please see the Search Helpful Hints above 
  • ‘Time-out’ in MyOhio vs eMarketplace
  • Ohio eProcurement's timeout is set at 30 min, ODX's is less than 30 min. If you are in Ohio eProcurement while ODX times out, you will not time out of Ohio eProcurement.
  • Punchout timeouts are managed individually by each supplier, so depending on what they've set as the timeout time, a user could lose their punchout cart if they walk away prior to punching back in to Ohio eProcurement.
  • Clicking 'Save' often is a good practice -- eProcurement will time-out after 30 minutes of inactivity

 eProcurement Phase 2 Rollout

The Ohio eProcurement solution is phased over a series of two phases. The initial phase includes three releases with 12 Early Adopter Agencies from 2017 through the end of 2019. The next phase of the project, eProcurement Phase 2 Rollout, will continue into 2020 and beyond to include boards and commissions, non- superintendent agencies, higher education institutions, and local governments. We will first start with the the following cabinet agencies: 

eProcurement Phase 2 Cabinet Agencies
Adjutant General Department of Veterans’ Services
Department of Aging Developmental Disabilities
Department of Agriculture Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Higher Education Job & Family Services
Department of Natural Resources Medicaid
Department of Taxation Ohio Development Services

Our additional cabinet agencies, then boards and commissions and non- superintendent agencies, will realize the following functionality within the eProcurement solution:

The project will then work with ​​​​Higher Education and Local Governments on similar functionality as indicated below.

Learn more about the Ohio eProcurement journey with Higher Education Institutions and Local Governments on the eProcurement Fact Sheet