Cooperative Purchasing

The Cooperative Purchasing Program offers Ohio counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, public libraries, regional park districts and other political subdivisions the benefits and costs savings of buying goods and services through state contracts.  See our brochure for additional details.

To participate:

  1. Pass an ordinance. Your council or board must pass legislation authorizing participation in the program. For a model resolution, click here.
  2. Complete enrollment form. For enrollment form, click here.
  3. Pay administrative fee. The chart below outlines the annual fee structure based on the population of the political subdivision or type of district/authority.

Issue a quarterly usage report. Ohio Revised Code 125.04B requires quarterly summary reports on use of the program. For the usage report form, click here.


Fee Table
               Townships, Villages, Cities, Counties by Population: Fee
                                  Up to 25,000           $100
                                  25,001 - 100,000           $170
                                  100,001 - 350,000           $300
                                  More than 350,000           $420
   Other Categories:  
   School Districts and Libraries           $100
   All Other Public Entities and Authorities, Including Colleges and Universities           $235


Participants also assume responsibility for ordering directly from the vendor and vendor payment for any supplies or services purchased from state term contracts and schedules.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

For more information, contact:

Tonya Prickett, Procurement Manager
Phone: 614-466-2705
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