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 Fleet Card

The Office of Fleet Management manages a vehicle credit card program for agencies to pay for fuel and maintenance transactions.

Fleet Card Features

The Fleet Card provides enhanced payment security for the driver when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals.  

  • The Fleet Card relies on the Driver and Vehicle IDs / PINs to validate and track card usage.
  • When using the Fleet Card at merchants' chip-enabled terminal the driver inserts (or “dips”) the card into the slot underneath the keypad until it clicks, leaving it in the reader until prompted to remove the card.
  • The Fleet Card has a magnetic stripe on it for use when a pump is not chip-enabled.  The driver can swipe a chip card at the terminals just as they would have when using any credit card that does not contain a chip.

Should you have any questions, please contact DAS Fleet at DASFleet@das.ohio.gov or 614.466.6607.


Maintenance Transactions

Maintenance may now be purchased using the fleet card. There are numerous benefits to using the card for routine maintenance and repairs:

  • Streamlined billing and vendor payments
  • Rebates from purchases are used to reduce Fleet Management's rates
  • Maintenance and repair data is uploaded into FleetOhio

Authorization from Fleet Management is required prior to using this service.

Contact Susan Reed at 614.387.2587 for more information.


Voyager Mobile App

Available for Apple and Android devices, the Voyager Mobile App allows fleet managers and 
drivers to pinpoint fueling locations, current price and routing with their smartphones or tablets. 
It even includes filtering by fuel type and amenities such as car washes, pay at the pump, 
space for oversized vehicles and maintenance service capabilities.
Hands-free audio feature announces information, allowing drivers to remain focused on the road.


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