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Standard Reports and Adjustment Module (for Agencies)

Standard Reports

Standard Reports have been developed for agencies to utilize. Many of these reports provide detailed aggregated data to enable easy validation and further analysis of expenditures. There are many advantages to standard reports that are shared across agencies:

  • Reports have been tested and validated
  • Information is displayed consistently;
  • Agencies have the ability to independently monitor their progress in the MBE and EDGE programs; and
  • EOD can monitor each state agency’s compliance with the 15 percent set-aside requirement established in section 125.081 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Below is a list of all MBE and EDGE standard reports that are currently available as well as information on how the reports may be utilized.

SWCAP Adjustment Module

The Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) Adjustment Module allows both the agencies and EOD to make adjustments to vouchers in order to help allow accurate reporting for MBE and EDGE data.

Adjustments through the various data sources are often necessary for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Improper account code use by agency for procurement;
  • Account code improperly marked for exclusion from MBE/EDGE reporting;
  • Vendor improperly marked for exclusion from MBE/EDGE reporting (OAKS);
  • Procurement not flagged properly on MBE set-aside;
  • Contract used for procurement not flagged properly as MBE or EDGE; and
  • Post period adjustment to OAKS eligible budgets.

Adjustment Module Reference Materials