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State Agencies, Universities and Colleges -- Contract Compliance Program

State agencies, colleges and universities shall designate a Compliance Officer (Officer)  to monitor and secure contractors’ and subcontractors’ compliance with state and federal affirmative action and equal employment opportunity (EEO) requirements for locally administered construction contracts pursuant to Chapter 123:2-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code (Ohio Adm. Code).

Specifically, higher education institutions are required to establish an office of contract compliance. In accordance with section 3345.29 of the Revised Code, the office of contract compliance shall

  • Monitor all contracts for construction materials, services, and consulting to ensure compliance with state and federal law for affirmative action and EEO. Notify contractors of findings of noncompliance;
  • Review and approve all contracts prior to final execution;
  • Maintain such records on contractors that have been revised;
  • Maintain a copy of all contracts and purchases; and
  • Issue stop-work order on any construction project where one or more of the contractors has failed to comply with state or federal affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

Also, the designated officer shall

  • verify affirmative action and EEO laws and regulations, as well as EDGE requirements are included in bid specifications and contract language;
  • verify that contractors secures and maintains a Certificate of Compliance certification issued by the State EEO Coordinator;
  • monitor construction projects to verify the jobsites are free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation and coercion;
  • verify contractors’ and subcontractors’ compliance with the affirmative action program which includes goals for minorities and women in the construction trades as well as EEO requirements; and
  • verify contractors’ and subcontractors’ submit an Input Form 29 on a monthly basis.


  • State agencies administering construction contracts
  • State universities included in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code
  • State colleges and community colleges

Search for an Input Form 29 (work hour utilization) Report:

The officer shall verify that contractors and subcontractors submit an Input Form 29 while performing on locally administered projects. The officer should review and analyze certified payroll and the input Form 29 reports to determine if a contractor or subcontractor utilizes minorities and women in the construction trades. If the contractor does not appear to meet the established goals for minorities and women the officer may request additional workforce data that includes all projects in the surrounding geographic area. Also, the contractor should submit good faith efforts to recruit, hire and maintain minorities and women in their workforce.

The Officer shall contact EOD for login information to access the Input Form 29 on EOD’s webpage.

Search for Input Form 29 Report

Instruction to access Input Form 29 Report

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