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Business Certification: Recertification

Certification into the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) or the Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) programs can be for up to two years. In order for a company to be recertified, the applicant must demonstrate to the Equal Opportunity Division (EOD) that the business owner and the business continue to qualify for certification. (Please note that to be eligible for recertification a business must apply for recertification prior to the current expiration date of the certification.)

If there are no changes to the ownership or business structure of the company (e.g., changes to Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, Partnership Agreement, stockholders, board of directors, etc.) the applicant must complete an online Recertification Affidavit through the Ohio Business Gateway and provide last year’s business federal tax returns. (Please note that only complete applications, which must include the tax returns, will be reviewed.) If changes have occurred to the ownership or business structure of the company, or if the expiration date of the current certification has lapsed, the applicant must complete an online Unified Application through the Ohio Business Gateway and provide supporting documentation based on business structure, a list of which can be found here.

If the applicant successfully demonstrates that both the business owner and the business continue to qualify for certification, EOD will recertify the business for up to two years. The applicant will be notified by email of the certification approval and be provided with information how to download a new certificate.

But if EOD determines that either the business owner or business no longer meets the certification criteria for the MBE or EDGE program, the applicant will be notified by registered mail, return receipt requested. The notification will include information detailing the applicant’s appeal rights.

Recertifications may be subject to on-site review by state compliance officers. Reviews take an average of five to 10 days.

Please note: If the initial certification was issued as a result of cross certification (click here), a unified application with required documentation is necessary to verify continued eligibility at the conclusion of the initial certification period -- not a recertification form.

Steps for Recertification

  1. Visit Ohio Business Gateway
  2. Log in using username and password (OH|ID)
  3. Ensure "Equal Opportunity Division" is among available service areas
  4. Ensure "Recertification Affidavit" is among available transaction types
  5. Ensure filing access (read, edit, submit) is available -- work with your account's Gateway filing administrator
  6. Select "Recertification Affidavit" and complete the form
  7. Click "File" button on the Summary page to see a confirmation page (and print completed form)
  8. Submit last year's federal tax returns to das-eod.bccu@das.ohio.gov

Ohio Business Gateway Tutorial

Wondering how to locate the Recertification Application on the Ohio Business Gateway? Click here for a PowerPoint tutorial developed to help you log in and add service areas (and forms) to your profile.

General Contact

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