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Input Form 29 -- Work Hour Utilization Report

Contractors and subcontractors shall provide a monthly work hour utilization report (Input Form 29 or I-29 Form) for the company’s total workforce (private and public work hours) within the State of Ohio. The report includes work hours by trade, race, sex, and job classification and must be electronically filed by the tenth day of each month. The submittal of the I-29 Form begins with the month the state or state assisted contract was awarded and continues until the completion of the contract.

I-29 Form data is reviewed and analyzed to determine if the contractor or subcontractor experienced hiring opportunities to recruit and hire minorities and women while performing on the state or state assisted contract. The contractor or subcontractor may be required to detail its faith efforts to promote hiring opportunities among minorities and women if the contractor does not meet the work hour goals for minorities and women.

Applicability: Contractors and Subcontractors

The Input Form 29 must be submitted by all contractors and subcontractors while performing on state and state assisted construction contracts, regardless of the contract amount or number of employees.  Contractors are required to inform all subcontractors of the reporting requirement.

The I-29 Form shall include

  • construction trades only: all work hours worked in Ohio on all private and public construction projects;
  • work hours must be reported separately by trade, race, sex and job classification;
  • list of current state and/or state assisted construction contract(s); and
  • list of minority-owned or women-owned businesses that were utilized during the reporting month.

The I-29 Form does not include

  • supervisory personnel (superintendent, foreman);
  • office personnel;
  • shop personnel (warehouse, factory, garage, etc.,); or
  • work hours for a specific project.

Steps for Input Form 29 Submittal

The Input Form 29 form must be filed through the Ohio Business Gateway. Additional information may be requested.

Steps to Submit Form

  1. Visit Ohio Business Gateway
  2. Log in using username and password (OH|ID)
  3. Ensure "Equal Opportunity Division" is among available service areas
  4. Ensure "Input 29" is among available transactions
  5. Select "Input 29" and complete the form
  6. Click "File" button on the Summary page to see a confirmation page
  7. Submit supporting documentation (if required) to das-eod.bccu@das.ohio.gov.

Ohio Business Gateway Tutorial

Wondering how to locate the Input Form 29 on the Ohio Business Gateway? Click here for a PowerPoint tutorial developed to help you log in and add service areas (and forms) to your profile.

Statutory and Regulatory Authority

The enabling statutes for the I-29 Form is R.C. 9.47. The regulations that governs the program are found in Ohio Adm. Code Chapter 123:2-11.

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