Affirmative Action Program Verification


Applicability: Vendors (Goods and Services Providers)

In accordance with Revised Code 125.111(B), all contractors from whom the State or any of its political subdivisions make purchases shall have a written affirmative action program for the employment and effective utilization of economically disadvantaged persons, as referred to in division (E)(1) of section 122.71 of the Revised Code.  Annually, each such contractor shall file a description of the affirmative action program and a progress report on its implementation with the equal employment opportunity office (EOD) of the Department of Administrative Services.


Criteria for Affirmative Action Program Verification (AAPV):

Purchases of $2,500 or more 

Submit an Affirmative Action Program Verification form via Ohio Business Gateway (OBG)

Search approved Affirmative Action Program Verifications

Review instructions for submitting forms through OBG

EEO Policy Statement/Affimative Action Program:
The company has an option to adopt the state of Ohio's equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy statement and affirmative action program (AAP) or; develop and submit the company's EEO policy statement and AAP.  An acceptable EEO policy statement and AAP shall include the following language regarding the protected classes: race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age (40 years old or more), military status and veteran status, and/or any other protected classes covered by any local, state and federal laws. 

The company's EEO policy should be signed by the top establishment official, dated and updated annually.  The policy statement should also identify the EEO officer by name, job title, location and telephone number.  Companies shall reaffirm their equal employment opportunity policies annually.  This policy statement should be posted on company bulletin boards and communicated to all employees and applicants.  

AAPV Process: 

  • An EEO Officer will be assigned to review AAPV.
  • An email notification will be sent indicating approval or disapproval.
  • All approvals will be available for download on EOD's website once an approval email notification has been sent to the business.
  • If an AAPV is disapproved, the business will have 10 days to submit requested information.
    • If requested information is not submitted within 10 days, form will be closed.
  • All approved AAPVs are posted on EOD's website.

Helpful Info/Tips:

  • EOD will not receive an application unless the "check out" process is completed on the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) website and the contractor receives a confirmation number.  Please refer to the instructions below for how to properly check out a form on OBG.
  • Although the check out process includes a button that reads "Checkout (Ready to File and Pay))," please note that there is NO FEE required to submit a form to EOD when you click the button.  EOD forms are completely FREE to submit.
  • A confirmation number will be provided if the form is successfully checked out on OBG.
  • EOD will receive an application for an AAPV the following business day. 

Contact information for assistance:
Construction Compliance Unit (CCU) at 614-466-8380 or by email at

State of Ohio's Affirmative Action Plan
State of Ohio's EEO Policy Statement


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