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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to take the OCB Academy courses in a specific order to meet the graduation requirements?
    1. No, but you may want to consider taking the courses in the scheduled order as each class has related topics which build on one another.
  2. Do I need to take the OCB Academy courses within a required timeframe?
    1. No, but our training courses are updated continuously as laws and union contracts change.
  3. Is there a cost for any of the OCB Academy courses?
    1. No.
  4. Who can attend OCB Academy training?
    1. Our training is open to state, county, municipal, and university employees who are EXEMPT from the bargaining unit.
  5. May I receive credit if I participated in part of the OCB Academy training inside my agency?
    1. Yes, the majority of the time, you may receive credit if your training was provided within your agency or customized for your agency’s needs.
  6. Do I have to attend the entire week of Arbitration Advocacy and Brief Writing School in order to receive credit for the course?
    1. Yes, you must participate in the entire week of training as a student, and turn in the required brief within the assigned timeframe.
  7. Is there formal recognition for completion of all OCB Academy courses?
    1. Yes, participants will receive a certificate upon completion of each course, a certificate of completion of the Academy once all instructor-led and eLearnings are complete, and participants can choose to attend the OCB graduation.
  8. How do I register for courses?
    1. Please follow the instructions provided above in the Enrollment button and/or contact our office at (614) 466-0570 if you have any problems accessing our online registration program.