OCB Academy

OCB Academy offers comprehensive labor relations training to exempt supervisors, managers, exempt labor relations and human resource personnel. The classes progress from labor law to conducting arbitrations and are each offered several times a year.               

Our office encourages participants to work with their agency Labor Relations staff where possible to ensure practical application of newly learned skills.

Program Purpose:

  • Offer a high-quality labor relations curriculum
  • Increase labor relations professionalism throughout all agencies
  • Provide continuous learning opportunities in the field of labor relations

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Employed by an agency or department of government (i.e., local, county or State of Ohio)
  • Employed as an exempt supervisor, manager, exempt labor relations or human resource personnel
  • Exempt from collective bargaining 


It is critical for participants as well as for their supervisors to understand the importance of commitment to the program.  Seats are limited and courses are only offered on a limited basis throughout the year. 

Training courses vary from half-day to one week in length. The half-day sessions are typically held from 9:00am until 12:00pm and 1:00pm until 4:00pm.

Participants will receive certificates of completion after attending each course. In order to ensure proper course credit, each participant is responsible for signing in on the provided attendance sheet and remaining in attendance the entire duration of the course.         

Course Registration:

Each class has a seating limitation so when an individual registers for a class, the class seat is no longer available for others. Because of this and the demand for the classes, we ask that everyone be committed to attending all classes for which they are registered. Participants will be required to enroll on ELM which can be accessed through myohio.gov.

Registration Job Aid
OCB Conference Center

Course Cancellation:

In order to determine enrollment, allow other participants to attend as soon as possible, and to best utilize available resources, we ask for prompt notification should a participant need to cancel, preferably at least three days prior to the course start date. This will allow for students on the waiting list to be notified of an opening in the class. If the participant is unable to attend, he/she is asked to cancel the class via ELM through myohio.gov or by contacting our office directly at (614)466-0570.

Inclement Weather:

Courses may be cancelled due to inclement weather (i.e., snow,rain or ice storms). In instances where a weather advisory has been issued or is anticipated, contact OCB at (614) 466-0570 for the course status. Also, when inclement weather conditions are anticipated, each participant should check his/her email the day before the scheduled course. In the event the Governor, Mayor of Columbus or county law enforcement declares a weather emergency or closes state government offices, classes are automatically cancelled.

Make-up Classes:

The Office of Collective Bargaining may cancel or re-schedule classes due to inclement weather or other administrative reasons. Those students registered for impacted courses will be contacted via email with updates. When possible, make-up classes will be scheduled.


OCB Academy Curriculum