About HRD/OCB Policy

The HRD/OCB Policy section serves a dual role within two divisions of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), the Human Resources Division (HRD) and the Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB).  The staff in the HRD/OCB Policy section are members of each division and assist external and internal agency customers in both the human resources and collective bargaining areas.  Although each division has a unique role within DAS, the areas of human resources and collective bargaining are often interconnected.  The HRD/OCB Policy section helps to identify and assist with connected issues as well as provide individualized assistance in areas unique to each division.  In order to better assist our external and internal agency customers, Policy Analysts have agency assignments for both their roles within HRD and OCB.

As part of the Office of Collective Bargaining, the HRD/OCB Policy section handles all matters at the State Employment Relations Board (SERB) on behalf of state agencies.  Such matters include: responding to unfair labor practice charges that are filed against state agencies by employees and their representatives, filing unfair labor practices on behalf of state agencies, and petitioning to add or delete specific positions in a bargaining unit.  The HRD/OCB Policy section assists state agencies with research on general labor law issues and works with the Employment Law Section of the Attorney General's Office on litigation matters, including motions to vacate arbitration awards and hearings in front of the State Employment Relations Board.

The HRD/OCB Policy Section is available to assist state advocates with labor arbitration award research in preparation for hearings or to assist state advocates with brief-writing.  The HRD/OCB Policy Section staff also provides labor relations guidance on contract interpretation and administration, investigation and discipline, and the grievance process. 
The HRD/OCB Policy Section also provides assistance throughout the collective bargaining process by ensuring statutory procedures are met, researching key issues, and preparing for fact-finding proceedings, when necessary.
For  information on the HRD/OCB Policy role for HRD, a list of agency assignments, and a list of all Human Resources Policies please refer to the DAS HRD/OCB Policy web page.
HRD/OCB Policy Team

Aimee Szczerbacki, Administrator

Eric Eilerman, Policy Analyst

Cullen Jackson, Policy Analyst

Dion Josey, Administrative Professional

Robert Patchen, Policy Analyst
Matt Telfer, Policy Analyst