Collective Bargaining

Under Ohio Revised Code 4117.10, the Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) is the state’s principal representative in the negotiation and administration of the collective bargaining agreements.  OCB is a division within the Department of Administrative Services.  OCB formulates bargaining strategy in conjunction with the Director of DAS and the Governor’s Office, coordinates mediation and arbitration cases, trains agencies in labor relations skill sets and compiles and analyzes data for use in future negotiations.  In addition, OCB oversees the implementation and administration of the collective bargaining agreements, statewide human resources policies and serves as a consultant for agencies on both labor relations and human resources issues.  OCB acts as a liaison between the agencies and the unions in such activities as labor/management committees and dispute resolution mechanisms.  OCB serves the management staff of approximately 70 agencies, boards and commissions. OCB participates on the board of trustees for the Union Benefits Trust and provides management oversight to the Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC). 


Leadership Team

Mark Tackett, Deputy Director

Kristen Rankin, Assistant Deputy Director

Aimee Szczerbacki, Policy Administrator

Kate Nicholson, Labor Relations and Training Administrator

Scott Steenrod, Operations Administrator