This webpage serves as a crosswalk. All State Administrative Policies that have experienced a numbering change are identified below, along with their current and former numbers.

Renumbered Policies


Current Number Title Old Number
AM-01 Asset Management Policies and Procedures GS-D-05
AM-02 State and Federal Surplus Program GS-D-06


Current Number Title Old Number
FM-01 Leasing of Commercial Space for State Agency Occupancy GS-D-11


Current Number Title Old Number
VF-01 Employee's Use of Employer Provided Vehicles GS-D-02
VF-02 Self Insured Vehicle Liability Program GS-D-01

Human Resources

Information Technology


Current Number Title Old Number
PM-01 Purchasing Procedures N/A
PM-02 Emergency Purchasing Procedures N/A

Records and Printing

Current Number Title Old Number
RM-01 State Records Management Program GS-D-04
RM-02 Copier Management GS-D-09
RM-03 Public Printing GS-D-10


General Contact

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Phone: 614.466.6511
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Assistance & Resources

For State Administrative Policies:
DAS Office of Legal Services

For General Services Policies:
General Services Division

General Services Policy Resources

For Human Resources Policies:
Policy Section for the Human Resources Division and Office of Collective Bargaining

Human Resources Policy Resources

For Information Technology Policies:
Policy Office for the Office of Information Technology

Information Technology Policy Resources