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The Ohio Department of Administrative Services develops and promulgates State Administrative Policies established by the Director to provide management direction and guide the use of resources on behalf of the public trust. The Ohio General Assembly charges the Department with state policy authority for matters related to assets, facilities, fleet, procurement, records management and printing, human resources and information technology.

State Administrative Policies affect a wide variety of agencies, so the Department strives to ensure that each policy is based on comprehensive research and evaluation. Prior to adoption, each policy undergoes a rigorous development process that typically involves the contributions of state agencies, subject matter experts, and legal counsel.

This site serves as the official online register of State Administrative Policy issued by the Department. Current versions are also provided to the State Library of Ohio for public reference. Previous versions are provided to the Ohio Historical Society.  Click here to view the State Administrative Policy Conversion Chart.





Human Resources

Nepotism Policy HR-D-02 
Advanced Step Appointments HR-D-03
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy HR-D-04
Unauthorized Weapon Policy HR-D-05
Overtime Compensation HR-D-06
Compensation for Employee Travel & Training HR-D-07
Compensatory Time HR-08
Compensatory Time for Overtime Exempt Employees Policy Addendum HR-08a
Parity for Exempt Employees HR-D-09
Administrative Leave with Pay HR-D-10
Public Safety Emergency Procedures HR-D-11
Removals and Resignation HR-12
Independent Contractor Guidelines HR-D-13
Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Reporting Policy and Procedures HR-14
Workforce Planning HR-D-15 
Nursing Mothers HR-D-16 
State of Ohio Policy Regarding Employee’s Home Address HR-17 
State of Ohio Policy Regarding Adoption/Childbirth Leave  
Policy for Granting Emergency Service Leave  
State of Ohio Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Policy  
Funeral Honors Detail Leave Policy HR-26
Live Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Leave Policy HR-22
Poll Worker Leave Policy  
State of Ohio Policy Regarding Local Income Tax Withholding  
Time and Attendance Policy HR-24
Teleworking Policy HR-32
Employee Health and Wellness Policy HR-19 
Barbara Warner Workplace Domestic Violence Policy  HR-27 
Disclosure of Criminal Conviction During the Application Process Policy HR-29 
Personnel Actions HR-30 
Employee Development Funds for Exempt Employees HR-33 
Employee Development Funds for the Fraternal Order of Police HR-34 
Employee Development Funds for the Ohio State Troopers Association HR-35 
Employee Development Funds for the State Council of Professional Educators OEA/NEA HR-36 
Employee Development Funds for the Service Employees International Union/District 1199 HR-37 
Performance Evaluations HR-38 
Drug-Free Workplace Policy HR-39
Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Policy HR-41
Response to an Active Aggressor  HR-42
Distracted Driving HR-47
Tobacco Free Workplace HR-48
Critical Event Preparation and Response HR-49
Guidelines for Contracted Resources HR-50
Real Estate and Telework Planning HR-51



Information Technology

Records and Printing


Risk Management

General Contact

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Fax: 614-644-8151

Assistance & Resources

For State Administrative Policies:
DAS Office of Legal Services


For General Services Policies:
General Services Division

General Services Policy Resources

For Human Resources Policies:
Policy Section for the Human Resources Division and Office of Collective Bargaining

Human Resources Policy Resources

For Information Technology Policies:
Policy Office for the Office of Information Technology

Information Technology Policy Resources