Office of Finance

The Office of Finance provides budget, fiscal, financial reporting, DAS asset management, compliance and audit management, finance policy and financial information services to the operating divisions of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. The office also provides business office services to the following five divisions of DAS: Administrative Support, Collective Bargaining, Equal Opportunity, General Services, and Human Resources. 

Budget Services
The Budget Unit coordinates the submission of the department's biennial operating and capital budgets and monitors the activities of DAS divisions through budget tracking and reviewing various financial documents, such as hiring requests, Controlling Board requests and personal service contracts. In addition, this unit manages the DAS chart of accounts and prepares weekly and monthly budget reports for agency and division managers.

Business Management
The Business Management Unit provides budget preparation and management (operating and capital), rate development and monitoring, purchasing, contract processing, chart of accounts maintenance and general business office support for the DAS divisions.  

Fiscal Services
The Fiscal Services Unit oversees DAS Accounts Receivable, including the billing and collection processes and the deposit of revenue receipts.  The unit also manages DAS Accounts Payable, confirming the validity and coding of all accounts payable vouchers created by Ohio Shared Services.  In addition, the unit performs a policy and oversight role for the agency payment card program, processes all payment card transactions for the agency and maintains all DAS payment card records.  The unit also monitors late payments and calculates and remits late payment interest to vendors as required by law.

Financial Reporting and Compliance Services
The Financial Reporting and Compliance Unit provides financial reporting and asset management services for DAS.  The unit coordinates the preparation of year-end financial reporting, including the State-Wide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) and the agency’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Reporting Package, and oversees the agency’s asset management and inventory reporting processes.

Finance Project and Performance Unit 
The Finance Project and Performance Unit provides coordination among the various units within the Office of Finance by facilitating process improvement projects and cross-divisional initiatives that have an impact on financial operations. This unit provides scheduled and ad-hoc Cognos Business Intelligence FIN reports to the financial and program units within DAS, agency MBE/EDGE spending plan submission and monitoring, and OAKS FIN Security services to all DAS FIN users. The unit also is responsible for agency financial policy development and serves as the DAS agency procurement officer. In addition, this unit coordinates all internal and external audit engagements involving DAS.  


Leadership Team

Jennifer Leymaster
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 614-644-9653

Debra Daugherty
Budget Services Manager
Phone: 614-466-2267

Tammy Johnson
Business Manager
Administrative Support, Equal Opportunity,
General Services and Human Resources Divisions,
and Office of Collective Bargaining
Phone: 614-466-9329

Ken Henault
Fiscal Services Manager
Phone: 614-752-9345

Milagros Garcia
Financial Reporting and Compliance Services Manager
Phone: 614-728-2004

Anni Efthimiou
Finance Policy Manager
Phone: 614-644-1724

Anna Garver
Finance Project and Performance Manager